About Truth Serum Press

What does Truth Serum publish?

We publish fiction … and sometimes we publish non-fiction.

We publish in English, and we would gladly publish in other languages if we understood them.

We’re looking for stories, poems and essays that take us to new places, to new experiences and inside new minds and hearts. (You know, the stuff that every other publisher says they want / like / love / need.)

We also like to laugh.

We used to publish novels, novellas, anthologies and short story collections, but this is on hiatus (which means we’re not doing it anymore).

We do publish single author poetry collections, however, but in a limited capacity – click here.

And we also publish anthologies … so books multiple authors contribute to … and for our current anthology projects, click here.


Contact us at  truthserumpress@live.com.au if you have any questions.

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Who are we?

Truth Serum Press is based in Adelaide, Australia, but we publish books from authors in all parts of the English-speaking world. We were first thought of in mid-2013 but properly came into existence in mid-2014.

We are part of the Bequem Publishing collective.

You may know our stablemate presses Pure Slush Books, Everytime Press and Erectus. We also have connections with Zwischen Publishing, a service for writers who are looking to self-publish.

Click here for our  print catalogue.

And here’s our fun logo …