Contracts for authors

So let’s spell it out …

if you are considering submitting your novel or novella or memoir or collection or non-fiction book to Truth Serum Press, and we agree to publish your book, you can thus expect …

• to be paid 20% of the earnings on all print books and eBooks, as forwarded to us by the print-on-demand service we use

• to receive two proof copies in the proof reading stage; complimentary author copies once the paperback book is published; and a discounted rate on any paperback copies you buy yourself

• to receive an eBook copy of your book

• for your print book to be available on all bookselling websites – Amazon, B & N, Fishpond, Book Depository, many many others – as well as those that only deal with retailers – Baker and Taylor, Gardners, and Ingram, and others

• for the eBook to be available in ePub, iBook, Nook, Kobobook, and Kindle versions … and through all those associated websites and more within a few months of eBook publication

• to be actively involved in promoting the book yourself, in a variety of ways, and to work with the publisher on this

• to be involved in the cover design of your book, and to work with the publisher on this

• for the book to never be out of print and thus, for the contract you sign to last the lifetime of Truth Serum Press, or until other arrangements are agreed to and signed off

• for Truth Serum Press to retain full print, online, and electronic (eBook) publication rights to your book, for the lifetime of Truth Serum Press (for which you as author will still be paid 20% of the royalties)

• to retain copyright on all stories or chapters in the book

• to retain film, television, radio and other new media rights that are not print, online or electronic (eBooks)

• to not be paid royalties for complimentary copies, giveaways for promotional ventures (i.e. competitions), review copies or publicity copies sent out by the publisher

• to negotiate with the publisher (via email is fine) re further online publication of any part of your book, including online serialisation of the book or portions of the book, on authors’ blogs, other websites and social media, for the purposes of book promotion.


The contract signed is for exclusive English-language print and electronic publication, in all the countries of the world, and is valid for the lifetime of the print and eBooks and will only become null and void by negotiation and signed agreement between the publisher and the author.

In the case of the death of the author before the book is published but after a publishing contract has been signed, the agreement is still binding only if the publisher decides to continue with the book’s publication. All author royalties will be paid to the author’s estate.


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