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Cheat Sheets  by  Edward O’Dwyer  –  coming in August 2018

Square Pegs  by  Rob Walker  –  coming later in 2018


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The Crazed Wind  by  Nod Ghosh  –  NEW!! published July 2018

Legs and the Two-Ton Dick  by  Melinda Bailey  –  NEW!!  published June 2018

Dollhouse Masquerade  by  Samuel E. Cole

Kiss Kiss  by  Paul Beckman

Inklings  by  Irene Buckler 

On the Bitch  by  Matt Potter

Too Much of the Wrong Thing  by  Claire Hopple

Track Tales  by  Mercedes Webb-Pullman

Wiser Truth Serum Vol. 2  –  anthology

Luck and Other Truths  by  Richard Mark Glover

True Truth Serum Vol. 1  –  anthology

Hello Berlin!  by  Jason S. Andrews

Deer Michigan  by  Jack C. Buck

What Came Before  by  Gay Degani

Rain Check  by  Levi Andrew Noe

Based on True Stories  by  Matt Potter

The Miracle of Small Things  by  Guilie Castillo Oriard

La Ronde  by  Townsend Walker