If you are new to TRUTH SERUM PRESS …

please read this entire page. It is not long, and will prove invaluable if you proceed with submitting to us.



• full-length manuscripts by individual authors, as well as

multi-author anthologies (sporadically).

Scroll below for information about full-length manuscript submissions, and anthology submissions.



We are currently closed to submissions for FULL-LENGTH MANUSCRIPTS.

We will be open again for submissions of FULL-LENGTH MANUSCRIPTS from 1st December 2020 to 31st January 2021.

If you intend sending your manuscript outside these dates, unless we are expecting it because we’ve had a conversation with you, we will not look at it.

ALSO … and this only applies during our submission open season (see above) …

… we don’t want to waste your time and we don’t want to waste ours, so please don’t email us your manuscript but instead, email us a précis or synopsis of your book (maximum, a page) or a story or two if yours is a short story collection.

If we are interested once we have read the précis or synopis (or short story or two), we will contact you and ask you to send more.

Our email address is



We are currently open for submissions for the multi-author poetry anthology Verdant.

Our sister press Pure Slush is currently open for submissions for the anthologies The Tyranny of Bacon and 100 Lives.

For information about author copies for our multi-author anthologies, click here.

What does TRUTH SERUM PRESS like to publish … or not?


(scroll below to If you plan to submit a short story collection, novel or novella … section)


At times, we publish multi-author anthologies, for which we accept short stories, short essays, and / or poetry.

We are currently publishing a multi-author anthology series based around colour themes.

Scroll up this page, for submissions for Verdant, the second in the colour series. And just to be really confusing, the colour series is for poetry only.


If you wish to submit a non-fiction work, our sister press Everytime Press specialises in resource, history, how-to, reference, travel and other non-fiction books, so you may wish to look there by clicking here.


We no longer publish poetry collections by single authors. Unless we have already had discussions with you about publishing your poetry collection, then sorry: we are not interested in publishing poetry collections we have not already committed to.


If you plan to submit a short story collection, novel or novella …

(when we are open to submissions)

(1) While we recognise this may sound excessively restrictive, the books we publish MUST be 130 printed pages long. (That’s not 130 A4 pages, but 130 printed book pages.) So if your book is well short of that, we will not be able to consider it.

(2) If your manuscript is equal to 130 printed book pages (and this includes title, copyright and intro pages, etc), it’s best if you

• email us a paragraph or two about the plot or style of your manuscript, if it’s a novel or novella;

• email a story or two, about 10 pages, if it’s a short story collection.

(3) Include the words ‘Submission query’ in the Subject of your email, so we’ll instantly know what you’re wanting to know, and send to

(4) If you have queries about author contracts, click here


What else should I know about working with TRUTH SERUM PRESS?

We value our relationships with writers, so if you are cold canvassing and have not worked with us before, we will be sceptical.

Many writers who submit to TRUTH SERUM PRESS and are published by us have already submitted to and been included in anthologies published by our other sister press, Pure Slush Books.

We like to know who we are dealing with. The writer-publisher/editor relationship is paramount to us.

We also hate reading simultaneous submissions, and refuse to … hence the statement above about our relationships with writers.