If you are new to TRUTH SERUM PRESS …

please read this entire page. It is not long, and will prove invaluable if you proceed with submitting to us.


As of July 4th 2020, Truth Serum Press is no longer accepting submissions for books by individual authors. It has been a momentous decision, but we feel good about it.


If you have any questions, our email address is



There is no current submission call for anthologies. But you might want to check out our sister press Pure Slush.

For information about author copies for our multi-author anthologies, click here.

So what DO we publish?


At times, we publish multi-author anthologies, for which we accept short stories, short essays, and / or poetry. But we are not currently running any projects like this.


If you wish to submit a non-fiction work, our sister press Everytime Press specialises in resource, history, how-to, reference, travel and other non-fiction books, so you may wish to look there by clicking here.


What else should I know about working with TRUTH SERUM PRESS?

We value our relationships with writers.

Many writers who submit to TRUTH SERUM PRESS and are published by us have already submitted to and been included in anthologies published by our other sister press, Pure Slush Books.

We like to know who we are dealing with. The writer-publisher/editor relationship is paramount to us.

We also hate reading simultaneous submissions, and refuse to … hence the statement above about our relationships with writers.

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