We are currently open for submissions for Wiser Truth Serum Vol. 2 only … we are not accepting submissions for anything else, as we are swamped with submissions already.


However, should you wish to submit in the future, read on … as the info below is still relevant (for the future …)


If you plan (once we reopen for other submissions) to submit a short story collection, novel or novella, scroll below.

If you wish to submit a non-fiction work, our sister press Everytime Press specialises in resource, history, how-to, reference, travel and other non-fiction books, so you may wish to look there by clicking here.

It’s best if you email us a paragraph or two about the plot or style of your manuscript, if it’s a novel or non-fiction.

Short story collections are a little problematic then, so email a story or two, 10 pages.

Include the words ‘submission query’ in the Subject of your email, so we’ll instantly know what you’re wanting to know, and send to

If you have queries about author contracts, click here