Hello Berlin!

by  Jason S. Andrews

published by Truth Serum Press, December 2016.

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Berlin cover for TSPPaul is an average Joe from London. He arrives in Berlin during the exciting noughties and discovers a world of free love, free afternoons and lofty literary pursuits. Clueless and curiously innocent, Paul steals the hearts of those around him, leading to anything but a tender love story.

ISBN (paperback) 978-1-925536-11-9

ISBN (eBook) 978-1-925536-12-6

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What people are saying about Hello Berlin!


“This is an interesting perspective. The confusion of someone going to live in a foreign country is familiar, but I’d never seen anything quite like this English look at moving to Berlin and I really got into it. It’s vivid and engaging.”

~ David S. Atkinson, author of The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes


“A bold debut novel that takes us on a curious, unexpected and sensual tour of a modern-day Berlin most of us wouldn’t expect to uncover. Confident and wry, I look forward to seeing what Andrews turns to next!”

~ Susannah Tresilian, producer, Guardian Books Podcast


“Fresh and honest.”

~ Ewan Morrison, author of Swung and Tales from the Mall


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