Square Pegs

by  Rob Walker

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a collection of poetry, short stories and essays published in September 2018

ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-62-1

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-63-8

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What people are saying about Square Pegs

Rob Walker has produced a delightful cross-genre melee that presents poetry, short stories, memoir, travelogue, and essay in a way which may sound disparate but is anything but. Regardless of genre, and as the title indicates, these are pieces that explore the inner and outer world of quirky outliers: characters and misfits that readers will recognise themselves in. The work is sometimes futuristic sci fi, sometimes bucolic, sometimes heartwarming and homespun, and sometimes apocalyptic, but is always engaging and thought-provoking, taking the reader into different times and places, always with an eye to opening perception.

~ Magdalena Ball, editor of Compulsive Reader


Walker’s eclectic collection of short stories and poems takes us on a wild ride across a staggering diversity of cultures and genres. With a keen eye for the details of life and language, Walker takes delight in delving into the myriad and unexpected ways that light and dark can coexist in each of us.

~ Rachael Mead, poet, and author of The Flaw in the Pattern


He’s a bit of a humble treasure, hidden away. His short fiction, memoir and essays have appeared in Bewildering Stories, Zodiac Review, Transnational Review, Stringybark Books and Short and Twisted. So here he is – medium height, unembittered, but still pretty twisted – which is why I like him.

~ Peter Goldsworthy, award-winning writer of short stories, poetry, novels and opera libretti


Don’t tell me Rob Walker is mellowing! In this mixed-genre collection he explores the need for tolerance: for monks who can’t quite shake off their worldly desires, to a 3XL cosplay girl who doesn’t fit in, even for a retired banker. But don’t worry, he still gets in a few barbs along the way; shifting from the deadly serious to the satiric to the empathetic and sometimes even daring to celebrate joy.

~ Mike Ladd, poet, author and broadcaster


Rob Walker is more than a poet. He’s an observer, a street philosopher with a microscopic eye for the beauty, the irony and the possibilities in everyday life that escape the less observant. In one of my favourite stanzas from this book Rob tells us that occasionally we come to an intersection in life where no choice is the wrong one. In this case, I urge my fellow square pegs to choose to dive into this fabulous collection. You will be rewarded.

~ Stephen Dando-Collins, author of Heroes of Hamel


Rob Walker reveals the breadth of his talents in this quirky collection of fiction, memoir and poetry. This is a book of journeys: on foot, bus, train and spaceship, from ancient past into distant future, from Australia to Japan and back again. Walker is our whimsical guide, moving effortlessly between the grounded normality of childhood memory and the surreal fantasy of an imagined future. An insightful dissection of contemporary morality that bristles with humour and humanity.

~ Alison Flett, poetry editor of Transnational Literature


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