The Last Summer of Hair

by  Paul Ransom

a novel, published November 2020

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ISBN (paperback)  978-1-922427-14-4

ISBN (ePub)  978-1-922427-15-1

ISBN (Kindle)  978-1-922427-57-1

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What people are saying about The Last Summer of Hair

Just finished The Last Summer of Hair. It was so beautiful and evocative. Every paragraph was a pleasure to read. Paul Ransom manages to draw the reader through the book the same way a mystery does, and yet the end was so simple, so everyday. Ransom has captured something very real and authentic about middle age, and the peace to be found when you let go of the ridiculous and self-important aspirations of youth. I felt very emotional at the end. I loved it.

~ Jo McDonald, founder of Move Through Life Dance Company


This book is written so seamlessly, it is as though it was written in one breath. The characters are so intimately known and flawlessly captured – as though the greater part of them live on outside the frame. Only an author who has truly digested the meaning of each character’s trajectory could write this way. Liking or disliking them is so irrelevant as we are invited again and again to find our own truth on each page.

~ Upasana, on Goodreads


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