The Story of the Milkman and Other Poems

by  Alan Walowitz

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a collection of poetry published May 2019

ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-76-8

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-77-5


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What people are saying about the poetry of Alan Walowitz

Alan Walowitz’s poetry can take a dream, memory or reflection, take a snapshot or present an image painted with his use of language, bring the reader into the moment, and evoke thought and emotion.

~ Peter V. Dugan, Nassau County (NY) Poet Laureate, 2017-19


It was W. C. Williams who said, “If it ain’t a pleasure, it ain’t a poem.” So, Alan Walowitz’s poems are full of pleasures, laughing out loud ones, heart-wrenching ones and wise ones, some that took my breath away.

~ Colette Inez, author of The Luba Poems


What I love about Alan Walowitz’s poems—a genre that I call Alancholy—is the very relatable way in which he captures so many of life’s important moments with astute observation, wry humor, and empathy. He has a distinctive voice which infiltrates my synapses and resonates with my heart.

~ Betsy Mars, author of Alinea


Alan Walowitz is neither withholding nor unnecessarily oblique. And then there’s the welcome wit, as he juggles the sometimes Jewish-blues in deft narratives that never cease to surprise, Walowitz is unafraid to write, ‘We’ve known these people from the ache of having lived.’ In his refusal to claim wisdom, he is wise. And oh, so rare to turn a breath into a gasp.

~ Estha Weiner, author of at the last minute


Alan Walowitz’s poetry can provoke out-loud laughter and pensive melancholy; better still, he can even do both in the same poem. You find yourself thinking about a Walowitz poem even after you’ve read it twice and put it down. He has a particular talent for reconstructing recollections, quietly showing us what is moving about them and why, as in this volume’s splendid title poem.

~ Robert Wexelblatt, author of The Posthumous Papers of Sidney Fein


Readers of Alan Walowitz’s poems may find uneasy streets becoming easier, drab days becoming funnier, and troubled times more tolerable. His work teaches us that the irritation that seems to govern our relationships is really a lot like Love.

~ Sarah White, author of to one who bends my time


Alan Walowitz is a magnificent storyteller. Our everyday life is appropriate grist for his poetic pen—poems of power, poems of peace, poems to ponder.

~ Peter Wood, author of The Boy Who Hit Back


Alan Walowitz’s poems speak to and for all of us: wisdom, mistakes, relationships, regrets, sadness and joy—hard earned lessons—what it means to be human and the humility that comes with it. Walowitz’s sharp eye and skill as a poet will leave you with a flash of both recognition and admiration as he manages to capture small moments and intimate details that enrich and inform our lives.

~ Michael Minassian, author of The Arboriculturist

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