Another intriguing review of ‘The Last Free Man and Other Stories’

“The people in Woolston’s stories are not worried about paying their bills, losing their jobs, earning good grades, or managing a complicated network of relationships. This is because the social and institutional systems that are prevalent in big cities apply almost no pressure on them in their everyday lives.” From another intriguing review of The …

Nod Ghosh – interviewee and judge

Nod Ghosh, author of Filthy Sucre and The Crazed Wind (both published by Truth Serum Press), is the guest judge of the July - October 2020 Bath Flash Fiction Award. Here she talks about flash, being judgy (but in a good way), and her attitudes to 'What's-the-Pointism', 'Don't-Be-Too-Hard-on-Yourself-itis' and 'Open-a-packet-of-Crisps-and-Bottle-of-Wine-Instead Syndrome'.

Submissions Update

As of July 4th 2020, Truth Serum Press is no longer accepting submissions for single author books. It has been a momentous decision, but we feel good about it. For more details, click here.

Nod Ghosh, ‘Filthy Sucre’ and Plains FM interview

Thanks to Morrin Rout at Plains FM for this interview about Nod Ghosh’s book Filthy Sucre (three novella-in-flash). First there's an interesting conversation with Dame Lois Muir about the world of New Zealand netball, as featured in a recently released book. Morrin's interview starts at 14 mins 25 sec. Nod mentions at the end that …