Towards a Less Scary Future – The Pointless Revolution!

Paul Ransom talks about his non-fiction book The Pointless Revolution! (published by Everytime Press) and his coming-of-middle-age novel The Last Summer of Hair (out now from Truth Serum Press) to Eco Voice. "Ransom reveals that both books are about navigating the difficult terrain of self, mortality and meaning." Find the article at Eco Voice by clicking …

“seamlessly written” – ‘The Last Summer of Hair’ review

“This book is written so seamlessly, it is as though it was written in one breath. The characters are so intimately known and flawlessly captured - as though the greater part of them live on outside the frame. Only an author who has truly digested the meaning of each character's trajectory could write this way. …

‘Decennia’ reviewed by Portage Magazine

Decennia by Jan Chronister has been reviewed by Murphy McCoy for Portage Magazine. "Artfully crafted, Decennia is wonderfully and honestly written. Complex and rich, the collection finds a way to both comfort and haunt its reader." Find the full review by clicking here.  

‘The Last Summer of Hair’ by Paul Ransom is released

Today is the official release day of The Last Summer of Hair, the “late-coming-of-age” novel by Paul Ransom. This day was chosen, equinox, because of its tie-in with the book’s plot and its astronomic and metaphoric significance. The balance of light and dark, the beauty of eternal flux and great cycles; and of the liberty …

‘Decennia’ review at Shmotown

Decennia, the poetry collection by Jan Chronister, is reviewed by Eric Chandler on his Shmotown website. "The poetry of her life is clear-eyed and unafraid. Yet, somehow, this examination of the decades leaves you stunned and happy at her (and our own) resilience." Find the full review by clicking here.