Lindauer Poets was established by Truth Serum Press in April 2020 to better showcase the work of individual poets through the publication of smaller, shorter poetry collections.

By smaller we mean 4.25 x 6.88 in  /  10.8 x 17.4 cm (perfect bound, ‘Pocketbook’ size).

By shorter we mean 90 to 100 pages. (That’s not 90 to 100 pages of poetry, but 90 to 100 pages for the entire book: so frontispiece, title page, table of contents, etc; the pages of text (so, poems); and endpages included).

Lindauer Poets will be a separate series of poetry collections published under the Truth Serum Press umbrella.

The first collections will be published in 2021, in paperback … and perhaps in eBook.

Initially, publication with Lindauer Poets will be by invitation, focussing on the works of poets we have come to know and admire, through the anthologies published by Truth Serum Press and by our sister press Pure Slush Books.

If you are keen to know more about this ongoing project, email truthserumpress@live.com.au.

Stay tuned as we announce the first books in the series …

If you are interested or have been approached about being part of the series, please read our Contracts for Authors page.


And Lindauer? Why Lindauer?

Lindau is a beautiful town in Bavaria. The old town (or Altstadt) is situated on Lindau Insel, an island in Lake Constance (Bodensee in German). When thinking of names for this new venture, the town of Lindau was remembered as something fine and compact and beautiful … and inspiring.



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