a taste of ‘Decennia’

from Decennia, the poetry collection by Jan Chronister, published August 2020


ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-98-0

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-99-7

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I launch rockets,

explore the space

inside my head.

from Exploration


I am from damp basements

rollerskating to “Blue Moon,”

from Origins


I feel

extinct, a species vanished

from a hostile world.

from Sign of the Times


The “white” room is full

so we sit on the front steps

until they call her name.

from Segregation


Wally checks our garbage

for treasure before we

toss it in the pit.

from At the Dump


she does not come.

She has run away

hides in the woods

from Runaway


everything in town closed

Good Friday from noon to three.

from Snowbound


raining, raining

everything wet

short circuits and static

from Woodstock


No store-bought diapers

or washing machine

from Paradise Lost


I would definitely buy a clothes dryer.

In winter our house looks like

Mussolini’s execution—

from You May Already Have Won


My hip hit sand, pelvis tilted like

Earth’s axis, ordaining a life

of therapy

from Rogue Planet


she was short and stout

lived a lidded life

far beyond that summer day

from Family Reunion



at the door with a warrant,

drugs in the bedroom closet

from Tallahassee Morning


On New Year’s Eve local boys

shoot fireworks from rotting docks.

from All Walt Disney’s Fault


I grab duct tape

wrap up my arm, drive 25 miles

to the hospital.

from Refinishing


I see the young queen’s train

pass by a cheering crowd in Canada.

from Finding Peace on Prince Edward Island


Because the thought of spending my life with you

suffocated my heart.

from Because


Panty hose slipped easily between notebooks

while strolling through Woolworth’s

from Thou Shalt Not


I pleaded not guilty

paid a hefty fine,

was never convicted

from Horticulture


Being 38

can we still wonder

or are we supposed to KNOW?

from Is This a Mid-life Crisis?




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