a taste of ‘Deer Michigan’

from the short story collection by Jack C. Buck, published December 2016



ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-25-6

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-26-3


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A radio, either turned up or turned low, played forever that summer. I remember it raining a lot. from For Matthew

Frank would say they all do it wrong. Frank believed there was a certain way one is to air oneself into a river. from Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Eventually I suspected Martin had an inclination they were behind the closed spare bedroom doors, so I put locks on the doors for him not to get in. from Floorboards

Even the stolen flower in the Mason jar on the windowsill hasn’t been thrown in the trash. from Local Weather

My friend Tony only makes 11 dollars an hour as a food runner at Applebee’s, how do they expect him to buy this new way of water? from when the water runs out

Who knows how many recesses we had as kids. Certain days it felt like most of the school day. from Pete and Pete

She said New York City is the greatest place in the whole world, and she had to go back. from Somewhere in the future you are remembering today

I am waiting out in the rain, standing in stalled morning and evening traffic with a nonexistent raincoat and umbrella. from A Reference to Weather

My Dad’s favorite time of the year is in the summer, when it’s not too humid, and the Detroit Tigers are not losing. from War Time

With the delay and transfer in Cleveland, the train ride to Kalamazoo arrived late by two hours. Luckily there was daylight the entire ride through New York. from The Evolution of All Things

His favorite part of this system was when he would strike through whatever he got done, indicating he was getting on with his afternoon. from Holiday Pears

A second later the roof collapses. We won’t be stopped. from The Great Flood

When I would visit Michigan for a week or two in the summer months, we always made a point to have dinner together, walk around the lake to talk and laugh. from Back to the Beginning

Here it is Wednesday and you are talking and you notice from the corner of your eye her take a quick look at you to see if you are looking at her. from Conversations in an Idle Car

Such distance is tough on a van. Besides, Dad needs sleep and no hotel would allow me to stay the night. from Things to Do

I asked Dad, Why home so early? It was just after three in the afternoon and he had already put on his green bathrobe. from Back in 2003 …

Deciding to seek more suitable shelter, I came to a small cave where another human happened to be living. from Drink pop with Mao

I would be more courageous. I would eat more vegetables. from If I could do it all over again

It was expected for us to deliver the 5 blocks of newspapers by 7:30, otherwise old men who read the paper would make a point to be waiting for us out front with a cast-iron snow shovel. from A Brief History of the Great Lakes Region in the 1990’s

But, with the choice, they still choose pizza because people like pizza, so people eat a lot of deep-dish pizza and freely take naps in the street. from When the Cubs Win the World Series

The wood industry has its stake in the housing market, too, well, with just about every house you come across electing for wood flooring. from The History of Furniture and Wood Flooring in East Texas

Everyone is calling bullshit. They have a point. from Detroit Hustles Harder

Dennis wasn’t considered good looking, so it gave hope to all of us teenage losers that we could date one of the Baywatch babes, too. from Hoop Dreams

Man, you could make any dad in America like poetry. from Goodbye Jim Harrison

It was our street and everyone in the surrounding neighborhood knew so. Yet, every year during the first couple weeks of June we would have two or three people who would seem to forget this. from Grand Rapids, Michigan

So, rent has pretty much stayed the same all these years for Hank and Claire. Stuff like that is good for people like us. from How Hank Does It

Whatever happened to meeting at cafes, drinking strong coffee to talk and talk through the evening and night? from Drinking Whisky with Leon Trotsky Trout

The beer was cheap and we found a way of making money while drinking it. from Guide to rooftop sleeping in the city

We sleep in unattended parking lots across America. Minus gas money to and from, it’s free rent. from Davis’s Time Theorem

I pretended like I didn’t know and you pretended like you didn’t know I was pretending. from Finding North


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