a taste of ‘Dollhouse Masquerade’

from Dollhouse Masquerade, the poetry collection by Samuel E. Cole, published in April / May 2018

ISBN (paperback) 978-1-925536-43-0

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-44-7

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“There are many kinds of hunger,

but it would make no difference.”

from Cherry Horses


“…moving around the house as if

everything within it is a misplaced nickname.”

from A Most Promising Boyfriend’s Daughter’s Perspective


“…penniless masses huddled like

a giant coat splayed without

buttons, braids, or beauty,”

from Epiglottis


“Neither of us, in this kitchen or the next, will

ever be beaten, pounded, or ground into bits.”

from Residence Booster


“And there will be friction in my voice and we’ll linger

like intermission in the diminuendo in my tenor,”

from The (UN)Musicality of Miscellaneous Romance


“…looking for any reason

to touch you, to trace the cobra,

to fill the ravine…”

from The Beginning Stages of Connecting the Dots


“They linger in silence. So many things neither get.”

from Cyclical Realizations


“I frowned, breathless, mulled, begging for a rerun, a redo.”

from Me and Daddy, Then


“…colors migrating to coiling corners,

glitter plaids & SKOL caps

centering the moment…”

from Empty Vessels


“…in this town which carries on in the

middle of my life as I pray for utopian

claws to rapture me from our hues…”

from Location (and the Lack of) Motivation


“We laugh.

I stop.

You don’t.

No way.”

from Fiddler


“what pressure my blood was under,

cells draped in concentric compounds.”

from Housing Fragments


“strolling the Stillwater pier was

interlocking pinkies was

booking a river boat cruise was

cuddling as fireworks chalked the sky was”

from The Age of Blissfulness Was


“You were the floor and I was the foot that trod

The door in the attic,”

from Center Confessor


“…immersion brings bubbles and depth and

the antidote is a glorious display of submission,”

from No Independence Day


“…courtship with lies and challenges mother’s need

for deep-voice stoicism points me upstairs to repack in a

polka dot suitcase the little I brought to room three of six…”

from Breakfast for Dinner


“working a brain dogged to reawaken two

wheels that never take me far enough…”

from 6720


“Nor ride the whiplash roller-

coaster clocking your fists…”

from Guider Drive


“I read The Onion. And Time. And Tehran Times.

I’ve been marganilzed for years. It’s unfair…”

from Nationality Reformation


“Baha Beritorous? Sounds delicious, right?

change Bulldog Stargazer to Redtip-Roughy

and customers will overprize it…”

from Rebranding


“Yet I followed the ban

like a missing person sequestered

from worse, and better, places…”

from Determination’s Path to Redo the Did


“peel the wet-thick-

glaze of acceptance

& absorb me, soft nectar,”

from Nightfall Mastication


“…a hat

man you are not, embarrassed

neither by raggle-taggle twigs

not dinnertime choices…”

from Trainspotting


“Dies ist so erstaunlich, so heiß.

I’ve never been talked to like this:”

from Supersex Linguist


“We met on a Tuesday night at

a karaoke bar in downtown

Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A bare-chested gala for men only.”

from Time Zones in the Petting Zoo


“We were never fags like that.

Never wore matching Fitbits.

Never shared a water bottle.

Never modeled runway mesh

For a clerk with a textbook ass.”

from Shadow Shifting Sensations


“The fever sweat out the confession:”

from Two Days Before Cancelling Disneyland


“Oh, how we tease The Hat with fullness,

trying to prove the notion of saturation

bringing completeness to emptiness.”

from Writers Workshop


“Gary, who hid every glass bottle, to you,

Bryan, who honestly didn’t care, to you…”

from To You


“and you practice like this,

anyway, you fisherman of fraud,

you’re right, you’re right…” from Liar



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