a taste of ‘Easy Money and Other Stories’

from the fiction collection Easy Money and Other Stories by Steve Evans, published September 2019


ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-81-2

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-82-9

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I rubbed my cheek thoughtfully and made a little smacking sound with my lips; one of those, ‘Gee, this is kind of hard’ noises I’d heard Harry use too many times. I let the word sit there. I wanted to make Harry speak before I did. from Ralph

You won’t find a tattoo anywhere on me; this me is enough. from Plenty

Mimi. How was he to have known when he first saw her standing outside his office that she was the boss’s daughter? from Taking the Cake

Mitzi and I haven’t seen as much of you as we would have liked in the last few years, us being in Sydney and all, and we, well, we thought the best way to make amends was to give you this chance to come in with us on our new project. from Golden Days

For ten years we had moved about the country. Each December I’d start paying more attention to my parents’ conversations, listening for clues. from 14 Palmer Road

The cop paused for a second. ‘Say, aren’t you…? Well, I’ll be! Wait until I tell the boys back at…’. from Before It All Fell Apart

Our rooster is a beauty. Horace. He looks like one of those big hats you see women wearing at fancy shows. from The Wash-House Rooster

How do I start this job? I’ve done hundreds like it before. from Fishing

Weirdly, it was pretty well in tune. I crouched a little and rested my fingers a moment, willing the old piece of music into them. from Minor Key

He was happy just listening to her, looking at her. He drank some more wine, forgot about the soda water. from Changing

There may be other evidence but you can see it is the books that provide me with the best clues. I am more tuned in to them and what they say about this fellow. from Whoever You Are

I check the address of the bookshop. It’s windows I want. Books about windows. from The City-Bay Tram

Ross told me there’s this new product that you can eat instead of food. from Eloping

The bride slowly leant forward, just a couple of inches. ‘Terry…’ ‘It’s not his real name,’ I said, realising as the words came out how lame it sounded. from Easy Money

The rubbish bin? Appealing, but impractical. It was three days until the next rubbish collection. from Burnt Offerings

Eight times he was actually unfaithful, not just the five he thought I knew about. from Times Tables

His life had taken a strange turn. Would accompanying a bot to a rooftop for a display intended to enlighten him on how the world would descend into chaos, make things worse? from We Like You

Her cat visits to sit on the sill and share the view of the street below; its look as grave, as sombre as her own. from Emma Waiting

Sure enough, there was someone on the roof, crouching so that only the top half of their head was visible. A quick flash of light reflected from a shiny surface. from Murder Me

Would you like some tomato on this? Oh, yes. The way she cut the fruit, wet with juice. from Photo



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