a taste of ‘Glow’

from the anthology Glow, published September 2020

ISBN (paperback)  978-1-922427-12-0

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-922427-13-7

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bless your squat packages / of sunshine-turned-citrus / sweetening in community / from A Toast to the Tangerine by Cynthia Leslie-Bole

‘Come and get it?’ What happened to all that family time? / I guess it went out of fashion like poetry and rhyme. / from Come and get it? by Mark Heathcote

Their backyard has an orange glow / of a barbecue out of control. / from Someone else’s disaster by Tarla Kramer

‘Got me beat,’ my husband remarked, / as he walked around it, scratching his chin. / from Enlightenment by Colleen Moyne

Perspiration among bargain hunters. / Replenish after days baked by sun’s glow. / from Salt is the Taste of Christmas Holidays by Dave Clark

Seven days later, that same moon has / now been reduced to a pale, orange / crescent. / from Portal by Howard Brown

Around its orange-hued gentle glow / Many a tall tale has been told / from Winter’s Kiss by Mary Daurio

The night-time is here, we want / to shine, and show off / our beautiful shapes – / from Coral by Sarah Graham

He pulps the fruit, pumping pips to swim / like tadpoles, like something else / from Milonga Night by Jan McCarthy

And as a backdrop to this scene, / Selene etches silver clouds; / stark contrast to the ruddy Hell / that spits and hisses centre stage. / from Coalbrookdale by Michael Hall

The moon is rising like a giant orange in the eastern sky— / thinking how we used to like to look at it together / from My Daughter by Alan Walowitz

I begin to think that dawn is there, / still glows tangerine, where these cypress / once began to set their rings into daylight. / from Cypress by Ed Ruzicka

Weeks later, / just home from school, I learned / Lucky had died, his cage given away. / from Her Prized Zinnias by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

One of the only words in the English language nothing rhymes with / from Goldfish by Tim Jarvis

“Sure,” she said. “That Dean Martin song, / Haven’t you ever noticed / That like totally inaccurate lyric, / And the sun is red like a pumpkin head?” / from Orange Glow by Remngton Murphy

and head back to the car park, passing the martial arts club / training on the beach, a group of mixed ages; / from Seaham Beach, late evening by Rachel Burns

He was a gracious liar / Like the calm before the storm / from The Glow Inside by Lauren Bronwyn Wagner

We’re scrolling through a thousand stories, / Some we’ve already seen. / Sweaty heat underneath these covers, / from Light Leaks In by Bethany Cody

So my parents made me write an / essay on why it’s bad to play with matches. / from The Glowing Sticks by Mark Hudson

She teaches us / the value of science, / of perseverance, / of questioning the unknown, / from Marie Curie Discovers Radium by Valerie Hunter

Once I leave this sheltered dome on a ship that I’ve concealed, / I will search for a planet with a golden wheaten field. / from Alien Hunger by Tony Daly

I was standing by the counter / next to the bowl of figs / considering which congregant / I should have called next / from Why did you burn by Chuka Susan Chesney

Most of the outside still holding fast, / dusty with age, / the wick long lost, / from Her Candle by Carl ‘Papa’ Palmer

my second husband / thought orange might refer / to the Orange Order / from Intelligent Orange Woman Seeks Lovely Man by Karen Grove

What could we cram in the back of the car / in less than a minute? / from that colour by Matthew Horsfall



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