a taste of ‘Indigomania’

from the poetry anthology Indigomania, published March 2020 …

ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-03-4

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-84-3

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For them, / as they squint anxiously across the water / imagining a receding shore and a rising tide, from Reflections by Doug Jacquier

With peacock colored ink / Tears spatter onto the pages from Blue Period by Linda Barrett

Mother says she’s been invaded / through the open window, but she knows, / gives me the evil eye. From Nursing home visit, with cornflowers by Lynn Woollacott

First in line, a lady has to pee, next a man bolts in for fifteen minutes, from Forbidden Shower by Chuka Susan Chesney

there is no music at that party. / Fire me or send me to the guillotine. from God Might be a Potato by Al DeGenova

Nonsense, I reply, kissing the tops of their heads, / someone will always need a rose/pie/this, from The Less Busy Season by Josh Lefkowitz

I lean the bird’s way / for a few spasms / of my gurgling heart. from What I Like by Ed Ruzicka

Blooms for everyone to cherish / Before spring faded with the scrapbook pages from Layers of Blue by Kathryn Sadakierski

We stop by a hardware store / to buy lotta manure fertilizer, / some chemicals, two remotes from Blue Sky Piggy Blimp Kamikaze by Gerard Sarnat

I didn’t want to miss a moment. / We skipped rocks, and looked for sea glass. from On the island again by John Bost

azure pure we hang glide, / to journey life miles in style from Royal by Audri Gaskins

The head had come to show us a picture; / my balloon had flown the furthest of all. from Out of the Blue by Charlotte McCormac

Best of all, though, is to sit / on a bench in the garden / surrounded by delphinium / and forget-me-nots from Blue Evening by Wilda Morris

A plate falls. Ortolans crackle in grease. / Soon guests will don their hoods to catch spatter. from Gramercy, All Hallows Eve by Terry White

Flies won’t land on Zebras. / Flies don’t like stripes. from Sky is the Dream of Trees by Brad Rose

But I do know that once seen, a color can / be conjured by the mind without the benefit / of any light whatsoever. from Variations in the Perceptions of Color by Howard Brown

A constant draining spiral / A vortex of despair / They call it blue: I call it black from Please Turn on the Light by Sharron Hough

This story is / lighter than air. It is flame; it burns / and is over. from The Last Decent Man by Corey Mesler

She’d fold him neatly, / tuck him in a drawer, / then scrub the house, from Claustrophobia by Rosie Sandler

The farthest hills appear and reappear / in shades of gray to sea green, from Gift by Mary Anna Kruch

I smile and greet the regulars in the waiting room. / I’m called in. My techs joke while they position me precisely. from An Angel in a Blue Prius by Joanne Jagoda

Old storm clouds are calling / to the sad sapphire eyes trapped within. from Fringe Dwellers’ Sonnet by Matthew Horsfall

In haste the growing stalks of flax reach up / ’Til petals drop and fields of blue turn brown. from The Blue Fields by Patricia Unsworth

My youth / was copy and paste, / emulate the style of peers, from Life Imitates Art by Colleen Moyne

I have…a few goodies…for you, she coyly says. / I bet you do, winks he, and then she—effervesces: from Eavesdropping at the Algonquin Blue Bar by Karla Linn Merrifield

I paint my bedroom / with a color called Nostalgia, from Color of Paint by Jan Chronister

The sea, / so many thousand years away, / writhes, in the colours of Cezanne – from To make carbon of diamonds by Gretel Bull

Our lives were traded / for the headline no one expected a father to wear, from It’s a hard word by Samara Shaw

Now the ritual homecoming: / the stubby grey C-17A / sinks from the blue sky from Green on blue by Mantz Yorke

Lightning reflects in your eyes, / whose colour has slowly started / changing from blue to grey from I wish you were awake, Luther by Claudia Bierschenk


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