a taste of ‘Inklings’

from the flash fiction collection by Irene Buckler, published in February 2018


ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-41-6

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-42-3

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‘Will he be a cure for what ails us or a sticky plaster covering the festering wounds of our disappointments?’ from Sleeping Dogs

‘In leather, he’s turned out to be as selfish as any other two-timing Lothario.’ from Butterfly

‘He desperately wanted to know what was on the other side, but was frightened off by the wall’s grim guard of grotesque trees with knots and whorls that twisted into scary goblin eyes and mouths.’ from Fertile Ground

‘Unperturbed by the cruel deformities that see him shunned by society, his ladies smile and watch in silent admiration.’ from Smile

‘Though softly spoken, his words are corrosive. The acid rain of his tacit disapproval, they target my aspirations.’ from Words

‘One look at us, my threadbare mother and her pinch-faced brood of ragged children, is enough for me to fathom God’s plan for girls like me and to reject it.’ from A Matter of Fact

‘She hates starting at a new school, being the newbie – finding new friends and learning new rules and routines.’ from Starting Over

‘Had you been different people, you would have accompanied her. She knows that, too, but she’s never let her illness define her.’ from Coffee Break

‘I never imagined life could be like this. Who could ask for more?’ from The Stopover

‘We burn his body, but is it already too late to stop the contagion spreading.’ from Survivor

‘Even their framed wedding photos upset her – he and she are like specimens held under glass to study. She can look. She can remember, but she cannot touch him.’ from SWALK

‘The last thing Ben wants in the office is Chad’s unresolved sexual tension gumming up the works.’ from Dream Girl

‘With Rob at my side, I am complete, at last. I am his eternally-meant-to-be lover and soul mate, and he is mine.’ from Meant to Be

‘The gold ring sits heavily in my hand, a potential bridge between our past and the future George hopes to share with me.’ from The Real Deal

‘The physical attraction between them had been immediate, their over dinner conversation so satisfying that she had easily been persuaded to come back here, to his place.’ from Collector

‘Whenever he is here, he senses the prehistoric magic of the terrain, but he’s never been here at night and he’s never come even close to suspecting the full wonder of it.’ from Southern Cross

‘The story goes that the lady lies somewhere hereabouts and that her lover guards her still.’ from Two Hearts

‘After her marriage in a faraway land, the princess is now a queen, visiting home with her elderly, foreign husband, her king, at her side and as their open carriage passes, by, I am shocked by what I see.’ from Riches

‘“What’s wrong with us, doc?” the husband wants to know, his eyes huge in his cavernous face.’ from A Country Practice

‘He is light-headed and has neither taste nor energy for the task, but there is splendid news in the satchel. He has a new commission – a promotion!’ from Mosquito

‘On this, their third day without food, they huddle together, shivering in clammy clothes, the damp ground leeching the warmth from their skinny bones.’ from No Escape

‘The fly is still bumbling. The cicadas are still drumming. Polly’s brothers are still playing – and Polly has a plan.’ from Stitch

‘Though continually urged to do so, Jackie declines to change out of her bloodied clothes and she knows best.’ from Icon

‘In these parts Xanda is king, his authority imposed with enormous canine teeth and deadly retractable claws. Animals tremble at his roar, but today Xanda has a full belly from an earlier kill so he is soft-pawed and gentle.’ from Predator

‘She knows how love and hate coexist and how gentle hands can turn into fists, pumping with rage, or fingers tighten into steel bands around a woman’s neck to squeeze the life out of her.’ from It’s Over

‘Perhaps she should know better, but she sits quietly and watches, still hoping to see them, the faeries, flitting through the lavender in rippling waves of lilac and pink.’ from Nightfall

‘Their children say that now he’s gone, the house is too big for her and that it’s time to sell, but they are wrong. They don’t understand that he would never leave without her.’ from Threshold

‘Noticing details, studying characters, analysing motives and putting all the pieces of a puzzle together are his forte and as his wife often reminds him, as patriarch of their family, he has had plenty of practice.’ from Patriarch

‘For all her beauty, the floating city of Venice is a fragile old lady on shaky legs, ever threatened by the very water that sustains her, but today she is basking in the sunshine, her stucco palazzos blushing pale pinks and apricots as we pass.’ from Twilight Traveller

‘Of course, I shouldn’t be here. That much is obvious to anyone with half a brain. Unfortunately for me, the magistrate who committed me, was intimidated by my intellectual superiority.’ from Look at Me

‘Her soul longs for it; her mind focuses on it and the iron in her blood draws her towards the magnetic pole of home.’ from Going Home

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