a taste of ‘Kiss Kiss’

from the flash fiction collection Kiss Kiss by Paul Beckman, published March 2018

ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-21-8

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-22-5

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“Isn’t pilfering another word for sampling?” from Semantics

“Darling is a gangster” from Honey & Darling

“Apparently there are creeps everywhere.” from Creeps

“Would you put a dog and cat in the same cage?” from Lemon Pledge

“He looks at me and Harvey, our faces upside down …” from Cars, Trains, and Smoke Rings

“Larry will be deeply missed by his poker budies …” from Changing of the Guard

“I will only follow a redhead so far …” from Fantasy Party

“What the hell do I need eyebrows for?” from Dean’s Dilemma

“I went limp thinking about Mengele …” from I Am Not the Marathon Man

“A toe was missing” from With a Wink and a Nod

“Smell,” he said” from Spice of Life

“Burt checked my mother’s bag.” from Columbia Market

“I’m almost certain to be groped.” from Commuter

“Grammy won all the money.” from A Visit from Grammy

“Walker the stalker coming towards me.” from Helen and Ellen

“… having superpowers is a good thing.” from Superpowers

“He remained seated while the TSA water boarders.” from TSA: Here to Serve, Here to Help

“… Mirsky had the urge to taste the flavor on her lips.” from The Woman with the Juicy Fruit Breath

“The splat of Whoopee Cushion goes off.” from Kaboom

“A man in CAMO carrying an automatic rifle.” from I Didn’t Have a Ready Answer

“In a box stamped Steinway.” from Dental Floss Debate: Good vs. Not so Good

“We don’t deserve you.” from Pray and Confess or Else

“I can dream in 3D.” from Birthday Beer

“I have a fire website.” from Cinders

“They are going to take me back and make her get dressed.” from Cool Water

“I got down on my knees.” from Daddy’s Way

“I wouldn’t want my clean name in your dirty mouth.” from Betty’s Live Chat On-Line Help Line

“The smile showed his two gold teeth, one above the other.” from Columbia Market Delivers

“My momma liked Ella Fitzgerald.” from Father Panik Village

“I will not be attending.” from Mother of the Bride

“The boy came out looking like George Burns.” from Mom on the USO Circuit

“C’mon, Mom, watch.” from Watch Me

“I want to do the party thing right.” from Wallflower Solution

“Nickels tumbled out.” from Uncle Harry’s Last Magic Trick

“But mac ‘n cheese is my guilty pleasure.” from Deal or no Deal

“We knew he’d kill us.” from Sand

“I’m sending him over to slice you up.” from A Pinball Day in the Projects

“Slip this over your head.” from Swinging

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