a taste of ‘Luck and Other Truths’

from the short story collection by Richard Mark Glover, published April 2017



ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925101-77-5

ISBN (eBook) 978-1-925536-04-1

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“Sal says you’re the right man but I’m beginning to wonder.” from Product

A gun exploded. Racehorses galloped down the track spraying the dust of the desert into the air. The rising smut dimmed the sun. from Our Lady

“Billie Lee Dankowski, how do you do? I’m Jackson Auberge.” He shook her hand then lifted his finger in the air. “I’ve something for you.” from Nothing Really Ordinary

Man Camp – that’s what the old trapper called the place. He was trying to sell it to me and this was the day he’d show me the corners. from Further Than It Looks

Elephants and rats: they are holy in the Hindu religion. If I’d stayed Hindu, my life – as I think about O’Reilly’s clasping hands – would be different now. from Rubber

I liked Dr Z. but he seemed to be from a different planet, you know? Although he could surprise you like that Friday afternoon when he signed our weekend passes. from Chef Menteur

It worked for a while. We lived in Pago Pago. Then, the problem of pregnancy, medical care – we moved to Hawaii. from Gyre

It’s Morgan, of course, his scarf is flying, white hat, red sash, and the blackest skin you ever seen. He’s like anti-poverty, or dark matter or fuck I don’t know. from Foucault Hill

“Run-overs, pesticide, habitat destruction, house cats, enemies of the Toad! Of course everything is in decline,” she said. “Except us.” from The Invisible Hand

Some folks think animals got nothing to say. But if you listen real close, dogs can talk and cats, they’re never wrong. from Birds

“Nobody has fresh donuts in the afternoon,” Jim said. “Nobody?” The Kid held his mouth open. “What kind of donut man are you?” from Human Potential

I stopped at the ticket booth and asked the lady where she wanted the cows. “Cows?” she questioned. Her turquoise glittered in the sun. from Six Head

The man glanced at the vanity mirror then down at her. “Let’s see.” He lifted his head. “Philip Seymour Hoffman played him in the movie.” from Hot Water

“There’s some left.” Peter said, shaking the can of Coke in his hand. “I don’t want anything you’ve touched,” Natasha said. from Window Cleaner

A rope had hung from a rafter in Mr. Mansel’s garage. Jim saw himself swinging on it, the noose tight around his neck, his body swaying freely back and forth. from Ninety-six dollars

“Call your girlfriend,” Don said, referring to my friend Rita who dispatched for a wrecker in Miami … “I’d call my wife but she’s probably busy.” from Clausen’s Farm

“There. I am finished talking. I really don’t know why I am here. I was shocked what I had found out today. I am asking you. Why am I here? Since you are the source you must tell me,” she said. from Swords Hanging on the Wall

I’ve never known a fat barber. They’re usually skinny, trim. Makes you wonder how they keep fit. from Dear Oswaldo

“You’ve left your pen, sir.” The clerk offered up a green and white hotel pen. “Aw, hell. I sure did. Why do you suppose I did that?” from A New Country

He sprinkled salt on his tilapia-on-a-stick then leaned against the Mud Shark food van crunching the fish between his teeth. A grackle pitched from an elm and a siren wailed from the highway. from Do You Think I Talk Funny?

Hey, I never loved her. What’s love anyway – hormones? It’s like war, get all juiced up and live or die. from Hillbilly Armor

“How did the universe start?” Dominique asks. He’s five. Curious. “It’s not like the A train – Harlem start, Harlem end,” I say. from Dark Energy with Its Foot on the Gas

Lori got swept out to sea about two hours ago. Yes. Sure did. from Luck


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