a taste of ‘Rain Check’

from the flash fiction collection by Levi Andrew Noe, published by Truth Serum Press, in August 2016

Rain Check mini cover


ISBN (paperback) 978-1-925536-09-6

ISBN (eBook) 978-1-925536-10-2

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For every place you go there is a price for all you see, taste, touch, love.  from The Price You Pay

And then I watched the crimson bleed into the edge of the moat and the low clouds ignited like God’s no vacancy signs in magenta and neon pink on the horizon.  from A Sunrise to See Before You Die

Tonight, just sleep and dream of belonging under the stars.  from Three Scenes

There, in the square of asphalt where, nightly, drunks come to drown, pimps come to hustle, and pushers come to poison the veins of a gentrified neighborhood where gangs have been bangin’ for decades and business is booming for entrepreneurs.  from Five Points

Everything comes together to make music that no one but the beggar on the corner seems to hear, shuffling his feet in a dance.  from 16th and California

A government bus painted in prayers and rust, Himalayan roads curling like a serpent. Too windy to sleep, too terrified to stay awake.  from Long Road

I swam in the Pacific, the East China Sea, the Gulf of Thailand, flowed with the Mekong, bathed in waterfalls in Thailand and Laos, soaked in dozens of onsens in Japan and seen colors of water that I thought only existed in fantasy.  from The Ganga

The ethereal pink-white blossoms that light up the earth and sky are a color that can only be seen once a year for one week, maybe two, if you’re lucky.  from Same, Same but Different

Thumb out like a wet match, a cardboard sign that says “Home,” all I own in my backpack. Counting the cars as they pass.  from Thumb Out

I can still hear that sound, metal on flesh and bone.  from First Hitch

What better sickness / than to lose the voice from love / and karaoke?  from Maigo

You let out your love like clouds full of rain and your voice rose to the tops of the Sitka spruce.  from Rain Check

You hold your coffee like a crucifix and pray over the cream spiraling white and gold through the black-brown.  from Nursing

But the loneliness, the distances I retreat to, the love affair I have with my imagination, all the times I have held you in the dark with my body while my spirit soared the astral realms.  from Writers Make Terrible Partners

It is not yet their time to accept their lots and play the cards they’ve been dealt.  from Boys Will Be

Except these bulls were made of metal, filled with combustible liquids and traveling between 60 and 75 m.p.h.  from Life Lessons of the Periodic Table

He knew that many years from then, he would look back at this day and see himself on that street corner watching his car drive away.  from Buick LeSabre

We did our best to get lost in cattail labyrinths and caught minnows, snakes, skinks, seeing how long we could keep them alive in glass jars.  from The Creek

“You kids and your clubs. You wouldn’t know a damn thing about real dancing.”  from Coyote’s Last Days

“The temple is being rebuilt. The beast has been born. It’s happening. Sooner than we think. This September, actually.”  from Rapture

I was having brunch with my demons when my shadow showed up uninvited, turning our pity party into a mid-morning massacre.  from The Mind

… but these measly morsels of song and story, these crude pages and unpublished chapbooks will hardly suffice.  from Literary Refugee

It was a three-way game of chicken: us, our enemy and the traffic ahead.  from Shaq Attack

“Can I have your wishbone?” I asked them one by one.  from Broken Wishbones

“You want me to shoot you. In the head. And then you think I should shoot myself right after?”  from Blue Forgotten

Duct tape, one 15 foot rubber hose, Yamazaki whiskey, and a steak burrito from Chipotle, extra hot sauce. He wasn’t doing this on an empty stomach.  from Unpublished

He was born a boy and he died a tree.  from A Man Becomes a Tree


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