a taste of ‘Stories My Gay Uncle Told Me’

from the anthology Stories My Gay Uncle Told Me, published August 2019 …

ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-86-7

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-87-4

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Our family tree is like spaghetti. Or more like the vermicelli pudding our mutual ancestor makes. from When You Go Walking with Your Uncle by Nod Ghosh

My father’s comment was meant admiringly. He liked women who could “handle themselves,” as he said. from Jennie Kincaid by Jan Haag

That is, the one who wasn’t wearing the big white dress and the veil. from Kiss by Edward O’Dwyer

Crisps spilled from the red packet onto the polished table top and we reached for them at the same time, our hands not quite touching for a second too long … from Magnets by Helen Chambers

My brothers and sisters and their spouses didn’t like me much. They suspected I was gay, and knew I smoked. from My Gay Uncle Hilton by Chuka Susan Chesney

I told you, this man has the power to change the way I think. from Rainbow Man by RubinA

They didn’t tell me stories about him because I asked, or even listened that much, but to remind themselves of what he was like. from Butter by EG Downs

Eric, top half chauffeur, bottom half board-shorts, jumped out to open the door. My two friends and I swept out, movie stars for a moment, posing against the pink. from Pink Cadillac by Susan Whitmore

My head swam as I listened. What super gay thing could Aunt Steve possibly have planned? from The super gay story by Lance Manion

Then it happened – I became emotionally attached to a boy in the Fannies scene. from Beer, bongs and bovver boys by Michèle Saint-Yves

Willie glanced at the bed again. Maybe this isn’t a good idea, he thought. from A Chance Encounter by Carl Chapman

“Why, Uncle Peter,” said Mom, kissing him on the cheek. “We are so happy to see you. Come in, come in.” from The Man Who Came to Stay by Ruth Z. Deming

Plenty of singlets and shorts, sweat and swagger, boots and boozing and swearing around the camp. from He Would Say by Alex Reece Abbott

“Not their business,” he claimed. from Uncle Lee by Tom Fegan

It has worked well for my mother and me, and for her brother, my uncle, too, as far as I could tell. from Family Matters by Carolyn Cordon

We were finally able to tell him that we had known for years and that we didn’t care. from Friendly Relations by Eddy Knight

There was one particular lady, though, who practically stalked him. from Gaylord of the Dance by Colleen Moyne

My mother was very protective of me because I think she may have known I was leaning toward the same lifestyle as my uncle. from My Gay Uncle the Sailor by DeLeon W. Peacock

Normally Grandma spent Tuesday night sewing her latest clubbing outfit, while I’d be at my place watching television doing my needlepoint. from Your Grandmother, the Fag Hag by Matt Potter

I always thought there should have been a second part to his expression, which would have said something about his glass being half-full, but that wasn’t necessary, and he knew it. from Raspberry Raindrops by Henry Bladon

It was public and private at the same time, in the dark, but still around people, sexy and forbidden. I get that. from Grandma and Steve McQueen by Steve Bogdaniec

‘Girls are opinionated and bitchy,’ he said. ‘Having you should be enough.’ from The Secret by Melisa Quigley

It was a night in town where others and me, ME,’ he points at his chest, ‘strutted our stuff and delighted the cheering crowds. from Fat Tuesday Carnival by Sara Abend-Sims

We ’ave a brew – she heaps on enough sugar to stand spoon in – and listen t’ radio until me and the brew have bored her to sleep sideways on sofa. from Down Tunnels by Alisdair Hodgson

Around eleven, Ron shut off the TV. “This is lame. Let’s play a game.” from Apocalypse by E. M. Stormo

Our parents grew up in oppressive times; they didn’t understand our need to assert our individuality. from Uncle Raymond by Chris Hall

Uncle Morty had always had a steady flow of boyfriends who came and went without much explanation as to what happened to them. from Spaced by Steve Carr


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