a taste of ‘True’

from the collection, published February 2017

featuring the work of Mercedes Webb-Pullman, Mark Hudson, Lynn Hoffman, Len Kuntz, Danielle Davis, M. Earl Smith, Wayne Scheer, Sally Reno, Vivian Wagner, Paul Beckman, Michael Konik, David S. Atkinson, A J Huffman, Jack Granath, Tim Philippart, Martin Jon Porter, Martin Shaw, Sylvia Aguilar-Zéleny, Ruth Z. Deming, John Lambremont Sr., John Grey, Em König, Brian Abiri-Osare, Patricia Walsh, Samuel E. Cole, Danny P. Barbare, Carl ‘Papa’ Palmer, Michael Marrotti, Barbara Ruth, Stephen V. Ramey, Ruth Sabath Rosenthal, Irene Buckler, Robbi Nester, Flora Gaugg, Matt Devirgiliis, Sarah Anne Childers, Robert Beveridge, Anne E. Weisgerber, Richard King Perkins II, Nod Ghosh, Alan Walowitz, Tom Sheehan, Dusty-Anne Rhodes, Lynn White and Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz




ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-29-4

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-30-0


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“Someone must have been spraying chemicals,” our teacher told us. “Sad, but it makes total sense.”

from The Strange Case of the Dead Faeries by Vivian Wagner


you’re in one of those dreams, / the one about building the boat / but the lake is made out of little white stones

from Getting to the Truth by Lynn Hoffman


“Were you asking me or thinking to yourself of asking me? That’s quite a gimmick you’ve got going there—kind of like a mental Tourette’s that you can hide behind.”

from Penny For Your Thoughts by Paul Beckman


All of us workers hear a radio playing from above, then realise it hasn’t been switched off for years.

from In Prism by Martin Shaw


Raking through these memories only makes his decision harder, but it has to be made.

from First Love by Irene Buckler


Buck snarled that Bear was a moron for forgetting the helmets and ordered him to get his ass up there anyway.

from Buck and Bear by Sarah Anne Childers


‘You’ve got some nice stuff here.’ After Prim thanked him humbly, he added, ‘too bad it’s all bullshit.’

from A Valuable Lesson by Flora Gaugg


It happened in August of 2014. She had been in the hospital for weeks, she needed blood and the hospital did not have it.

from My Mother: The Liar by Sylvia Aguilar-Zéleny


“Good morning.” A young man with black wavy hair and a white coat enters the room. “I’m Dr. Abel. Do you know where you are?”

from Ma’am, Can You Tell Me Your Name? by Barbara Ruth


We were conceived simultaneously, yet born years apart, my memories frozen before they had a chance to form.

from Sister by Nod Ghosh


And thus started an online friendship that would blossom, at least for me, into feelings so deep that I couldn’t help but to wonder if I ever felt anything for my ex-wife.

from So, About That Engagement by M. Earl Smith


This led to an argument about the possibility of such an event, which in turn led to a story about a guy who lost his arm in a farming accident, which in turn morphed into chit chat about time on the inside …

from Redemption Song by Brian Obiri-Asare


I open my eyes to meet her earnest nod that says / she’s working hard to think well of me / but is afraid our time is up.

from Truly by Alan Walowitz


“I’m thinking,” hands move toward face, “about hair,” open fingers rippling, “the air,” arms out-stretched to make distant brackets …

from Today’s Workshop Leader by Anne E. Weisgerber


“Last year, Fair Price lost 1,000 trolleys, each costing SGD 200 (approx. €130). The supermarket giant has spent more than SGD 150,000 on trolley replacements and repairs this year.”

from The True Singapore by Dusty-Anne Rhodes


I could hear my wife trying to swallow her sobs and my daughter-in-law sniffling while my son tried consoling them.

from Learning from the Heart by Wayne Scheer


She seemed nice enough so I didn’t bury my face.

from Or Don’t Trade by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz


Gloria smiles. It’s like seeing lips on a shark.

from A Fair Dinkum Champion by Mercedes Webb-Pullman


Still, it’s as if there are dozens of knives pinched at the back of her neck, threatening malice or death if she doesn’t go ahead, go forward.

from Hush, Hush by Len Kuntz


as an author I am able to alter any event / change outcomes actions and answers / make it different and do it all over again

from author-ized alterations by Carl ‘Papa’ Palmer


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