a taste of ‘Verdant’

from the anthology Verdant, published July 2020 …

ISBN (paperback)  978-1-922427-04-5

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-922427-05-2

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like him, the sun will rise; / that grass can indeed be greener. from One of the Flock by Ron. Lavalette

These flowers, I’m told, / are undesirable – indiscriminate, too small / for a vase. from Weeds by Chelsea Logan

select your favorite fabrics / satin and silk, rough linen, organic cotton / try things on, feel for fit without a mirror from Camo by Cynthia Leslie-Bole

She thrives through strife / like anyone wishes they could. from Black Thumb by Amelia Clare Wright

Where is the bungee bounce-back? / Why has dread replaced optimism? from Long May Your Big Jib Draw by Shannon Kernaghan

Aha! What might this be? / Such pleasing shape and splendid color! from Lust by Ryn Holmes

we go to the market and hills every day, / and surrender to homes at night, / lights flicker like melted butter from Ode to the Hills by Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri

Their eyes are like berries the Green Man / favors. You, who won’t believe, / smile when I speak of his visitations. from Margaret’s Green Man by Laurie Byro

No, no, you misunderstand. / I’m not that sort of palm at all. from The Palm by Miriam Drori

The heels of my shoes sink in the long grass / blending colour almost invisible. from Sad Rags by Patricia Unsworth

The cardinal on the wire starts / in song, a credo-credo whistle to call / his mate from Start by Mike Lewis-Beck

According to its sweet destiny, her species / will shed its sacrificial yellow leaves one by one: from An Everglades Romance by Karla Linn Merrifield

the sun cashes in / as the feather clouds go on strike from How Aussie is that by Dave Clark

Someone tells me you just have to sit / waiting with your finger poised / 
til suddenly there’s an open spot from Finger Time by Susan Chuka Chesney

in lieu of saying something mean, / I sneezed, apologized, then yelled good night; from The Verdancy of Green by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

They are frizzled and yellow
 / or frizzy and green from Willowspring by Paula Bonnell

In a flash, the northern nightingale neatly perches upon / the feeder, feet locked as if a boatswain anchor from Crow Feet by Sheena Hussain

The cenotaph stands alone. A stolen diamond / Worn down to old bone. from Sycamore Bower by Matthew Horsfall

It makes me die a little inside each time. / I still feel the pull of you now and again. from Stopping at the Green Light by Tim Jarvis

and if you were you and I was me
 / this would be a different story indeed
 from Uaine by Christian Garduno

In my Vermont yard rimmed with pines miles tall, / my husband and I discuss where it would do best from The Virtues of Roots by Ann Cefola

And even as I rub her back / And we whisper about death / The girls fly on their swings from Storm Season by Yael Chanoff

months later, I wish I had stopped / taken a photograph / of the intersection from street view by Lucy Tyrrell

Why does the tree have to do this? / What’s the point? from The Green Machine by Remngton Murphy

With quick wrists we stirred them in a clay pot / worn, parabolic, evenly cast from Coffee Good Friday Morning by Ed Ruzicka

As she dips her toes into the freshwater, / under a little beach umbrella, / she gives a sad smile. from An Ancient River by Mark Tulin

New hues, that differed / Olive, shamrock green / Pear green that saturated / Her soul with gentle peace from Rhombus of Brightness by Stephen Wren

Accompanied by their friends paranoia and despair / We’ll drink away depression, he’s not welcome here from The Park by Declan Geraghty

I care not for the hoots of passers-by / at my elevated, rounded derrière from A Pair of Evergreens by Jan McCarthy

I can’t help remembering the day she walked me into the meadow and sat me down beneath the ancient oak on the top of the hill. from Measures and Rules by Norman Klein



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