a taste of ‘Wiser’

from the anthology published September 2017

featuring the work of Alex Reece Abbott, Duff Allen, Paul Beckman, Claudia Bierschenk, Rick Blum, Irene Buckler, Ron Campbell, Steven Carr, Jan Chronister, Ruth Z. Deming, Matt Dennison, Nod Ghosh, Jack Granath, John Grey, Louise Hofmeister, Mark Hudson, Len Kuntz, John Lambremont, Sr, Larry Lefkowitz, Cynthia Leslie-Bole, Michael Marrotti, Todd McKie, Lesley Middleton, Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz, Piet Nieuwland, Martin Jon Porter, Stephen V. Ramey, Alex Robertson, Ruth Sabath Rosenthal, Wayne Scheer, Martin Shaw, DL Shirey, Jan Elman Stout, Sophie Van Llewyn, Jerry Vilhotti, Rob Walker, Mercedes Webb-Pullman and Allan J. Wills


ISBN (paperback) 978-1-925536-31-7

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-32-4

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“She, more amusing than all the amusements; so tall, so blonde, hooded eye-lids shaded the latest turquoise …”

from Best Bad Influence by Alex Reece Abbott


“…like thinking about which of five movies on the marquee we should go to, so let’s just stop talking about it, let’s wrap it up, and pick one.”

from Aristotle the Wise by Duff Allen


“Carrying the rumination further, even scientists wiser than I could not refute the possibility, …”

from Planet Fykaluxt by Allan J. Wills


“Gladiola felt naked with Joe in a whole new, uncomfortable way right from the beginning.”

from Rogue Desire by Cynthia Leslie-Bole


“The irony is that I thought I was much wiser back then …”

from Wising Up by Rick Blum


“A few bottles of Lady Clairol / turns bay into brown, though bleach / on his hind legs to make white patches / doesn’t work.”

from Not-So-Fine Cotton by Mercedes Webb-Pullman


“Out of puff from the last and steepest part of their ascent, she simply nods.”

from On Top of the World by Irene Buckler


“Danny didn’t know how to keep his big mouth shut.”

from The Big Mouth by Steven Carr


“She was sitting in a pool of her own piss singing God Save the Queen.”

from Miss Palmerston’s Ring by Nod Ghosh


“My floaters followed the motion of her hand, lurching gelatinously whenever my eyes moved.”

from Floaters by DL Shirey


“I shudder and yank my hand from his. The grunting takes on a rhythmic cadence.”

from On the Nature of the Choice of Our Nature by Stephen V. Ramey


“‘He used the exact same words when he gave me mine,’ she replied, almost in a whisper.”

from His World by Larry Lefkowitz


“Had I somehow offended her? She assured me / it wasn’t anything I’d done or said, but wouldn’t say”

from Game Theory by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal


“I was just there for the drugs.”

from Ancient Wisdom by Jack Granath


“The tattoo of The Last Supper with Harry Potter characters was his last straw.”

from Sometimes Electives Aren’t by Paul Beckman


“The meat tastes like clay and I keep gagging.”

from Chickens by Len Kuntz


“Travis wept that first time and those following.”

from Begot by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz


“No strings, no expectations, I told myself firmly. Nothing serious.”

from Wise Folly by Lesley Middleton


“Thousands of pairs and but mine held her foot.”

from Woefully Wiser by Jan Elman Stout


“Following his arrest, Professor Alan Tompkins has been placed on administrative leave.”

from Hallowed Halls by Todd McKie


“And lastly, sorry kiddies, vaping is not a safe alternative for smoking.”

from Nicotine by Mark Hudson


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