Invitation Letter to the Ephemera Higgins Convention

Please find below the full letter / invitation sent out to all the Ephemera Higgins in the world.

• These letters were printed in black ink on pale yellow paper, and sent in a matching pale yellow envelope. Each letter was addressed by hand by Ephemera Higgins in Amarillo.

• Enclosed with each letter, on separate sheets of pale yellow paper, were registration details, and a draft convention schedule.


February 15th 2019

Dear Ms / Mrs / Miss Higgins,

I hope this finds you well.

You do not know me, but I am hoping in time we will become noted friends.

You are invited to attend the inaugural Ephemera Higgins Convention, to be held at the Amarillo Convention Center in Amarillo, Texas, from Friday May 17th to Sunday May 19th, 2019.

You will be with like-minded friends at the convention, as only people named ‘Ephemera Higgins’ are invited. In fact, you will be with the very best of select company!

Planned events include a Getting-To-Know-Ephemera session; a Saturday evening picnic; a history lecture on G.H. Higgins, a stockholder in the Santa Fe Railroad whose name was given to the town of Higgins and from whom many of us probably claim descent and could well take after in the looks department; a Connect-the-Dots-Family-Tree party; a quilt exhibition; a hot dog stand; and many more other exciting things, including a trip on Sunday to the town of Higgins, a short 2 hour bus ride from downtown Amarillo.

More events and sessions will be announced closer to the convention date.

Please find enclosed a preliminary convention schedule, and registration details.

Amarillo is served by the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, as well as the BNSF Railway. The Greyhound Bus also stops in Amarillo.

There is plenty of accommodation in town, from sweet weekend rental trailers, to more generous rooms at Holiday Inn Express and for the even less budget-minded, Embassy Suites Downtown.

Whatever you want accommodation-wise, Amarillo has them all!

Be sure to put the dates Friday May 17th, Saturday May 18th and Sunday May 19th in your diary now, Ephemera.

I hope you are able to make the convention, as meeting you and all the other Ephemera Higginses in the world would be a dream come true for me.

Yours in service,

Ephemera B. Higgins




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