‘How to Catch Flathead’ by Peter Michal now released in paperback and ePub eBook

Truth Serum Press is very proud to announce the publication in paperback and ePub eBook of How to Catch Flathead, a new novel by Peter Michal.

“UK travel writer Pete would head for the land of three and four and seven mile beaches, the land Down Under. He would travel from Sydney down the east coast to Melbourne, before turning west and then north-west. By the Australian autumn, he planned to be in the red centre of the country. He didn’t know what he would do then …

What follows is an education in life, lore, and law, and the brash, ballistic ways of local party politics, where too much money and too much time can never be too good!”

Available in paperback and ePub eBook, with further eBook formats to come …

And for a taste of How to Catch Flathead, click here.

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