A Short Walk to the Sea

by  Eddy Knight

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a collection of short stories published in January 2020

ISBN (paperback) 978-1-925536-01-0

ISBN (eBook) 978-1-925536-02-7

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What people are saying about A Short Walk to the Sea

Eddy Knight’s semi-autobiographical stories are plugged with a hidden charge, always about to set off a chain of curiosities or minor tragedies which form the universal abyss of ordinary life. Throughout there is a formation of subjectivity, a stillness of observation working as a “speaking wound” which is suffered through quiet sensitivity and authenticity of experience. This is a great mapping of Port Adelaide and its surroundings, of its estuarine effluvia, both human and environmental, redeemed by the plucky melancholia of its characters transcending their histories through memory and empathy. A Short Walk To The Sea is an impressive dissent against ignorance of the human condition.

~ Brian Castro, recipient of the 2014 Patrick White Award for his contribution to Australian Literature




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