a taste of ‘A Short Walk to the Sea’

from the collection by Eddy Knight, published in January 2020


ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-01-0

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-02-7

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His attention returned to the pontoon where the booted, suited and face-masked chief forensics officer was slitting the black plastic with a knife and carefully laying it out, like a shy child at Christmas, on either side of what had once upon a time been a living, breathing human being. from Entrances and Exits

The corrugated iron fences on the other two sides must have been nearly two metres tall. With a similar new fence and the house sealing off the remaining border there would be a perfect enclosed quadrangle, something like an old western fort, or a walled monastery garden. from The New Fence

The museum depends for its finances on school excursions. It is no surprise that the younger ones prefer the ground floor where they can play on the full size replica ketch … from Ashes

She undertook this journey twice a year, once in spring, and then again in autumn, at no small personal cost. She welcomed the pain, however. from A Short Walk to the Sea

“They reckon the whole area up there is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, which explains why…” from Greenland

Not trusting himself to speak he placed his wine glass on the small coffee table, rose, turned and unzipped his fly. from The Emasculation of Anthony

“Phrenologist he called himself. Gave a lecture at the Institute about bumps on prisoners’ heads. Made a lot of sense to me. Some people are predisposed to commit criminal acts.” from A Fiction in History

Bob Scott was a reader, always had been, always would be, and that was why this job suited him so well. It was part-time, only fifty hours a fortnight … from Touch

Feminism had changed the world by then and the society that Angel had been carried off from was very different from the one that she had been born into. from Angel

A Jag! Fuck! “That ain’t yours,” I say. I mean fair enough it’s pretty old, a Mark Two, early sixties I reckon, but it’s in beaut condition. from There’s a Darkness

I wanted him to come to my house, to grace my study with his presence, as if some beneficence might be bestowed upon the room by his fleeting occupancy, some trace left behind after his departure, as incense lingers long after it has burnt. from The Author

… she reaches down and hoists her skirt a good six inches to reveal the thick binding of pressure bandaging. “You old flirt, you,” I say. “You’re trying to distract me from my work.” from The Woman with a Pearl Earring

To see his mother on her knees cleaning someone else’s toilet hurt him in some deep place that he would never dream of trying to explain. from I Am Here

Communist? Me? Don’t be stupid. Show me any system not based on exploitation. from The Consultation

The problem was the responsibility he felt for his workers. If he sold up what would become of them? from Mirror Man

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