Filthy Sucre

by  Nod Ghosh

3 novellas, published by Truth Serum Press in paperback and eBook in February / March 2020

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ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-92-8

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-93-5

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What people are saying about Filthy Sucre

Ghosh’s prose, as ever, is unique, vivid, lyrical and clever. This trio of novellae is like sipping a fine wine – scintillating, rich, and lingering long after one sets it down. Take your time. You are about to read flash at its best.

~ Eileen Merriman, author of Pieces of You, Catch Me When You Fall and Moonlight Sonata


From the limitless imagination of Nod Ghosh, we readers are gifted with three novellas of impressive scope and depth. These narratives, deftly distilled and interwoven, speak to the vagaries of love and loss, of betrayal and intrigue. Brilliant, dark, and riveting, Filthy Sucre is a collection by one of our best writers at the height of her powers.

~ Kathy Fish, author of Wild Life: Collected Works from 2003-2018


Nod Ghosh knows how to unspool a tale that keeps us turning pages, missing train stops, and binge-reading way into the night. The three flash novellas of Filthy Sucre entice us into complex liaisons both acrid and sweet; to read her work is to become complicit in her clever webs of dysfunction, where guilt and innocence lose their boundaries and human nature is laid bare.

~ Nancy Stohlman, author of Madam Velvet’s Cabaret of Oddities and The Vixen Scream and other Bible Stories


Nod Ghosh creates imaginary worlds filled with deliciously messy love. Her writing moves us through humor and heartbreak, weaving comedy and tragedy together seamlessly. Anything but simple, her characters haunt us, worry us, thrill us – and remind us of what it is to be painfully alive.

~ Meg Pokrass, author of The Dog Seated Next to Me and                   Damn Sure Right


Just when you think flash fiction has got as big as it’s possible to get, along comes Filthy Sucre and blows all your expectations out of the water. These three very different novellas-in-flash take the reader everywhere and everywhen moving through narrative universes populated with characters so real and flawed and complicated, they leap right off the page and into your mind. This is novella-in-flash at its best – each tiny story complete in itself but when read together the effect is exponential.

~ Jan Kaneen, author The Naming of Bones


A heartbreaking and epic trio of novellas, Filthy Sucre ushers us into worlds of complex and confounding relationships through a rich cast of characters full of love and hurt. As the three very different stories race along, character decisions twist and contort their experience of life, and as a reader, you can’t help but marvel and question your own experience: What does it mean to be ‘in relationship’? What responsibility do we have to our true selves and to each other? How much of our experience of life is free will and how much is inescapable destiny?

~ Jenna Heller, joint winner of the 2019 Meniscus prize for prose


In Filthy Sucre, Nod Ghosh paints fresh and stinging portraits of human vulnerability and fallibility. The three novellas will pull you fully into the worlds of her characters, mixing lush details with harsh surroundings, tragedy with amusement, and surreal happenings with all-too-familiar human experiences. Ghosh’s highly flawed and unforgettable protagonists will keep you thinking about them long after the final line.

~ Charmaine Wilkerson, author of How to Make a Window Snake


The three novellas-in-flash collected together in Filthy Sucre span the breadth and depth of time, space, and emotion. From adulterous men and ill-fated lovers to benign deities, these flashes enthral and alarm in Ghosh’s signature voice. Each reader will have their favourite novella from this volume; the aftermath of a disappearance in Another Silent Movie held me in suspense and awe. Whichever your favourite, you’ll want to read all of Ghosh’s compelling stories again and again.

~ Santino Prinzi, author of This Alone Could Save Us


As binge-worthy as anything on Netflix, you’ll only mistake this collection for a quick read until the poetic nuggets start hitting you right between the eyes. These novellas echo and bounce off each other, full of mystery, heartbreak, beauty, and the sheer gnarliness of being human. Having drawn these awful, gorgeous characters, Ghosh is a tender observer of people being kind and brave, rebelling, giving in, and doing some very shitty things to each other.

~ Zoë Meager, winner of the Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize, Pacific Region, 2013


Filthy Sucre is a collection of three flash fiction novellas. Each story in each section stands alone, but there are connecting threads throughout that advance the reader’s understanding of the characters and the situations in which they find themselves. The themes are woven around lost love, lost trust and loss of identity. A sense of menace pervades many of the stories as well as a dark humour. Others are heart-breaking. Nod Ghosh writes with masterful control and insight and it is the power of what she has left unstated, as well as her eloquent use of language that pierces the heart. Filthy Sucre is a compelling and sometimes painful evocation of what can happen to the human spirit. These are stories that resonate in the mind and the heart long after the book is closed.

~ Sandra Arnold, author of The Ash, the Well and the Bluebell and Soul Etchings


The three novellas in Filthy Sucre are utterly gripping, to the point that they become addictive. Nod Ghosh combines solid characteri-sation with fast-paced storytelling and beautiful prose, three ingre-dients that make it impossible for the reader to put this book down.

~ Sophie van Llewyn, author of Bottled Goods


Praise for the writing of Nod Ghosh

To me, Ghosh’s method – of working through fragments and flashes while attempting to assemble a greater whole – is integral to the nature of her project. Not only are we constantly in touch – à la Kundera – with the memories, conversations and discoveries that matter most to the narrator (and nothing but), Ghosh’s form is also mimetic of the fleeting, tumultuous, discontinuous ways in which our most significant moments, and ties, live within us and constantly register their presence.

~ Rajorshi Chakraborti, author of Or the Day Seizes You and The Man Who Would Not See


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