a taste of ‘Filthy Sucre’

from the three novella-collection Filthy Sucre by Nod Ghosh, published February / March 2020


ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-92-8

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-93-5

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from Sugar in the Folds, Sand in the Creases

I knew as you described the sugar in the folds of her lips that this would be the last departure. from Sugar in the Dirt

But after five years, my lips are no longer sugar to yours. from Sugar Turns Sour

I remembered a time when your scent affected me so deeply I couldn’t eat, sleep or keep my shit together. from The Poisonous Touch of Sugar

He pulled me away from the window and kissed me, and I wanted to taste the blood-heat of your lips, feel the hurt of your love. from Buried in Your Kisses

Tania used to buy herself jewellery and gift-wrap it so you could give it to her. When she bought herself a diamond solitaire, you left. from Ignoble Metal

It makes me think of being in love, even though I never have been. It makes me feel like there’re little bits of God even in forgotten corners. from Misty

I try to remember how long it takes to smoke a cigarette, so I know when you’ll be back. from Callie-Blue

The woman gave you all she could. But you have nothing left to give her. from Her Small Hand

Some poisons settle in the folds and creases of the mind and stay there forever. from Teeth


from Another Silent Movie

Their make-up is more Bowie than Bolan, crafted with eye shadow stolen from their girlfriends and mothers. from Damien

The slap doesn’t sting as much as he expects it to. Perhaps the fear of being disciplined is greater than the punishment itself. 
from Punishment

Afterwards, Roland strokes his skin and imagines it belongs to someone else. from Secret Bubbles

Mark is a toad of a man. He wears a dogtooth check suit and smells of fish. from Ten O’Clock

If a fifteen-year-old boy is starved of companionship, he won’t grow properly. from Margaret’s Legacy

The soup is yellow, but it tastes of pain. from Wastrel

“Then we will watch another movie,” the man says. Another silent movie. Another day when Roley is safe. from Another Silent Movie

The man’s grip loosens. His eyeballs do something weird. Those ghostly silent eyeballs. from Dead Weight

Roley sniffs the air for residues of the past. He thinks he catches the scent of Damien, but it’s just a bit of nothing in the breeze. from Dried Up


from A Benign Deity

They predicted my coming, but I have always been late for appointments. from This is the End

Feed lamb to non-lamb eaters and you’d risk being filleted and quartered on your own butcher’s block. The world is becoming more dangerous. from Anointed

“The teabag spoke in Hindustani,” I explain. “It used a gender- neutral term. I mistranslated.” Improvisation has never been my strong point . . . from Thakur Baba’s Omen

They’d talked about eyelid surgery, but settled on some tightening on her forehead and a vaginoplasty. from The Vacation That Never Was

Mary bought a porcelain animal after every miscarriage. She gave each one the name we would have given our child. from Mary Mary

The white waves beat onto the shore on her wall. Everything is an illusion. from Blue Notes

“There is a stone in my heart,” she says . . . “There is a diamond in your heart,” I tell her. from Comfort Women

The glint of gold is an accusation in her fingers. from Dmitri’s Leg

There was a time I would have gone to prison for what I have just done, but no one cares anymore. from Comfort Girl

His Yemeni name is Shamir. It means flint. But the people in the hosiery factory reckon they can’t say that, so they call him Semi. from Bombs

It is said human beings came out of Africa, but I was there when we went in, and I know things are not as they seem. from Raft of Bones

“I thought I had eternity.”
 “Even eternity ends.”
 from The Beginning and The End




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