by  Irene Buckler

a collection of flash fiction, published February 2018

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ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-41-6

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-42-3

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What people are saying about Inklings

I’ve had the good fortune to devour one of Irene’s stories every week for over three years as a flash fiction group member. Irene has the ability to create characters who are funny, lovable, sinister or sad. When her stories begin we’re taken on a journey, we’re not sure where … until that final twist. Those twists are the magic of flash fiction writing and Irene creates them with skill and sensitivity.

~ Pat Simmons, author of 52 Twisted Tales


I’ve admired Irene Buckler’s flash fiction stories ever since first reading her work on the Facebook site, The 52-Week Flash Fiction Challenge. Some people may think it’s easy to write short/short fiction, but the shorter it is the harder you must strive to make it work. Irene’s stories find interesting and satisfying ways to interpret human reactions; exposing vibrant characters’ fragilities and strengths in narratives that ring with a sense of shared humanity. Then, in the expected twist endings for this genre, she creates unexpected and splendid ah-ha moments to surprise both protagonist and reader. Best of all, Irene’s stories do what all good stories hope to do … pack a punch, then linger in the mind after the reading is done.

~ Sheryl Gwyther, author of Sweet Adversity and creator of The 52-Week Flash Fiction Challenge


Irene Buckler is a sophisticated writer, with a penchant for history, as well as a sensitive understanding of human relationships. These all seem to seep through each of her stories. Add to this, Irene’s intuitive understanding of human relationships, means that you have a work of substance. Some of her stories will take your breath away, others will make you smile, and some are even didactic in nature. All of them, however, reveal the curiosity this author displays about the world around her and the people in it, both current and past, as well as her strong moral compass. I am particularly fond of those stories that deal with the notions of revenge and just rewards, as well as those that were given birth at the juncture of some past literary treasure. I hope that Irene continues to bring us such delightful literary fare.

~ Suzanne Kiraly, Book Whisperer for



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