Legs and the Two-Ton Dick

by  Melinda Bailey

comic mystery-crime novel set in San Francisco

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ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-37-9

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-38-6


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What people are saying about Legs and the Two-Ton Dick

A deliciously dirty romp through the streets – and the bars, strip clubs, and strange living spaces – of San Francisco. In Legs and the Two-Ton Dick, Melinda Bailey weaves oddball characters, unlikely settings, and a first-rate plot into a satisfying murder mystery. I hope this book is the start of a series, because Legs needs to live on!

~ Paula Harrington, author of Mark Twain & France


A more motley crew of mystery jockeys you won’t easily find, at least not one this fun, that’s for sure. It’s not everyday that characters this dysfunctional are such a crack up. Think Scooby Doo meets Charles Bukowski. The death of a classic rocker and the details surrounding his murder set the stage as the sillier side of the rock star mythos gets trashed like a 5-star hotel room. A binge-worthy, delusional limo ride that sucks you in from page one.

~ Jim Fourniadis, author of The King Lives


A local rock star on the verge of a comeback overdoses in a San Francisco recording studio. Sad, but unremarkable – except that someone murdered him. Video evidence implicates his wife, but she insists she didn’t kill him. Is she lying, or did his bandmate, his mistress, or an obsessed fan give that fatal dose? Finding the truth rests in the hands of a struggling actress, a failed former cop, a flamboyant radio host, a conspiracy-loving hacker, and the swearingest caretaker in the China Basin neighborhood.

In this underground tour of the City by the Bay, Melinda Bailey captures the feel of its edges – where free love turned into polyamory, where everyone is always working and rarely employed, where strippers behave better than doctors, where junkies are family men and actresses are avenging angels. The stated mystery is who killed the local rock star working on his comeback, and that is solved. What remains ineffable is the chosen family that brings the killer to justice and exonerates the innocent, a motley crew of hustlers and weirdos who allow each other to live as they choose, embracing one another around all their quirks. A satisfying, believable, hard-boiled mystery, and as precise and loving a portrait of post-dotcom San Francisco as exists in fiction.

~ Karen Spiegelman, editor and journalist

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