Luck and Other Truths

by  Richard Mark Glover

Published by Truth Serum Press, April 2017.

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Luck and Other Truths includes 22 short stories.

ISBN (paperback) 978-1-925536-09-6

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-10-2

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What people are saying about Luck and Other Truths


In Richard Mark Glover’s Luck and Other Truths, we encounter a wide swath of men – a teacher, a single parent, a soldier, a hunter, a drug runner, a police officer, a baker, a prostitute, a journalist – in a variety of landscapes (from New Orleans to the Caribbean, from San Francisco to Texas, to the waters of Florida and a jaunt to Baghdad). These men all live in the fringes of morality while trying to talk themselves straight, sometimes through a fog of drugs and drink. The volume is filled with characters who are articulate in their desperation, their desire, and their regrets. These narratives, wrought with poetic detail and heartbreaking authenticity, examine the line men walk between life and death, between hope and self-destruction. With hints of Denis Johnson and Brad Watson, Glover carves out moments of disconnection and emptiness in which everything changes for his characters. In this sense, the pieces suggest spiritual awakenings within the darkest of moments.

~ Dawn Trook, author of Pink Parasol and other poems


Richard Mark Glover spins larger-than-life tales of folks on the fringe in places where they tend to collect, with the focus on that great empty space known as Far West Texas. What might appear to outsiders as a whole bunch of harsh forbidding nothing – think Cormac McCarthy – these stories are filled with quirky characters brought to life by Glover’s observant eye and quirk-spotting pen.

~ Joe Nick Patoski, award-winning author of Willie Nelson, an Epic Life and host of the Marfa Public Radio’s Texas Music Hour of Power


Glover’s stories come at you like a sucker-punch to the gut. Like Hemingway, he writes about beaten down men making tough choices in hardscrabble places: desolate West Texas, borderland Mexico, swampy New Orleans, dope-running Florida, and war-torn Iraq. And like Hemingway, Glover illuminates these planetary landscapes and desperate lives with startling details and crackling dialogue in lean, staccato prose. What luck that you’ve found this knock-out collection.

~ James Nolan, author of You Don’t Know Me and Higher Ground


Richard Mark Glover’s stories resemble the man himself, free, wide-ranging, erudite and willing to dangle over barrancas like an alpine mountaineer. From the misadventures of a Dade County cop going through burnout in the Spanish Main to a doubting soldier in the battlements of Iraq, “Lieutenant, you’re a dumb motherfucker,” these stories wrench the reader and make him think.

~ A.Z. Hayes, author of The Last Peace Officer

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