Minotaur and Other Stories

by  Salvatore Difalco

published by Truth Serum Press, May 2019

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ISBN (paperback) 978-1-925536-79-9

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-80-5

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What people are saying about the stories of Salvatore Difalco


Minotaur and Other Stories is a slow read in the best possible way … Salvatore Difalco tends to pack his stories so densely with emotion that every time I reached an ending, I had to set the book down for a breather, or else the shadow of one story would color my reading of the next.

~ Euphony Journal


These are thoughtful, enigmatic stories drawing the reader in with sharp detail, poetic phrasing and recognizable characters. Though we’re dealing with thugs, prostitutes and crackheads, they are all folks you’ll feel uncomfortably at home with. That’s Difalco’s magic: scrape characters from the bottom of society’s bowl and reveal them in literary daylight as powerless dreamers, failed mothers, caged creatures.

Difalco’s fiction is a finely blended mix of toughness, street-smart insights and violence, along with flashes of tenderness and compassion.

~ Matthew Firth, Front & Centre


Salvatore Difalco’s stories are small miracles: fresh, literate, startling, and a bit off-kilter, like something seen in a dream or out of the corner of your eye.

~ Stephen Osborne, Geist Magazine


Difalco is at his strongest when writing about relationships—focusing upon the inherent drama of tight-knit Italian families, couples on the rocks, or even corpulent characters’ relationships to food and their own bodies. Let’s hope he continues to mine the strange lives of his particular brand of disenfranchised heroes. In all that roughness there are diamonds.

~ Quill and Quire




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