a taste of ‘Minotaur and Other Stories’

from the collection Minotaur and Other Stories by Salvatore Difalco, published May 2019


ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-79-9

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-80-5

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I performed violent jazz hands, hoping to restore circulation. from The Bus

I’ve been known to go ape-shit for trifles. from Blue Monday

Someone once asked me if when I die they will bury me in a piano case. from Elefante

It’s funny, some people are basement people, suited by character or genetics to work and live in the subterrain. from Between Sleeps

It had been a bad day. Chalk it up to that. from Cranio

His interactions with other people had grown more problematic than ever. from Simulation

“Why do you smell like a gas station?” from The Spaghettification of Sam Macri

Fucked-up things happen in the dark, mad things. from Black Out Scream

People sang “Happy Birthday” in widely varying registers, at different tempos, swaying left and right. from Enter Night

Someone had poisoned Felix Garibaldi’s toothpaste! from Poisoning Felix

But something told me it was blood. from Relapse

“You know I don’t like trinkets.” from Caballo

He didn’t mind Canada. from Winter Games

An almost full moon loomed behind a screen of smog, bearing a bizarre resemblance to Alfred Hitchcock.” from Vértigo

My bread was poker. from The Score

Dr. Ram was in a state of nerves. from Time of the Djinns

“You can’t tell people to fuck off.” from Lake Effect

We had snorkeled with dolphins the day before. from In Yucatán, San Valentin

“Kinda early for a costume ball, eh?” from Chiaroscuro

Why would someone do this fucked up thing to him? from The Teeth

“We get the coffee from a family-run operation out of Naples who’ve been roasting their own organically grown and specially blended beans for more than a century.” from Espresso

Perhaps people on the whole are beyond comprehension. from Little Man




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