On the Bitch

by  Matt Potter

a flash novella, published February 2018

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ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-45-4

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-46-1

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What people are saying about On the Bitch


The book is an enjoyable, fast read. So, snark and laughs aside, there is a good universal and truthful storyline threading it all together. (Read the full review by clicking below.)

~ A. E. Weisgerber on Goodreads


On the Bitch is an apt introduction to the popular genre novella-in-flash. Thirty-five stories follow five disparate characters over a weekend holiday. Each acts as a stand-alone piece, yet there are common threads through them all. The characters are likeable because of their vulnerability. They are likeable because of their quirkiness. They are likeable for their unlikeableness. Had me laughing out loud. A lot.

~ Nod Ghosh, on Goodreads


On The Bitch is a collection of vintage snapshots: faded, grainy, most of the color washed out. It’s a read beyond the lines type of story, and this line pretty much sums up the absurdity of these people: “Oh good,” Kendalynn cuts in, reading from her ‘magazine’. “Apparently if you stand next to a cow it’s very slimming.”

~ Cheryl Anne Gardner, on Goodreads


Matt Potter has aced it once again. On the Bitch is a hilarious take on, and a not-quite-subtle dig at, human relationships—romantic and otherwise—and the fictions and sacrifices we tell ourselves are necessary to keep them alive. The humor is unexpected and quirky and oh-so-revealing.

~ Guilie Castillo Oriard, author of The Miracle of Small Things and It’s About the Dog


Potter has the ability to put the reader into whatever scene is playing out at the moment. Madcap, and a fun read.

~ Paul Beckman, author of Kiss Kiss and Peek


A really addictive read. I wanted to spend more time with the characters and find out what happens next.

~ Gill Hoffs, author of The Sinking of RMS Tayleur, The Lost Story of the William & Mary and Wild: a collection


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