The Book of Acrostics

by  John Lambremont, Sr.

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a collection of acrostics released in October 2018


ISBN (paperback)  978-1-925536-52-2

ISBN (eBook)  978-1-925536-53-9

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What people are saying about The Book of Acrostics

Let’s start with what it all means, precisely the place to start. From the start “To the Maestros” filled with recognitions to masters of music, varied kinds of music, and on from there “To be Free” and “The World Around Us” examining the dangerous as well the refreshing to be found all around, the “clues” abound. What is this—“Ephemeron?”

But wait, don’t decipher right away, try to avert your glance downward on the page, until all the words are read in a regular fashion, and then assess the coded accompaniment which completes or cajoles, amends or amplifies, makes us think or makes us smile.

The author’s skill is paramount. It is not easy to create a puzzle with its answer embedded therein. Clever, yes, but more. There is a reason many have relied on this form of writing; beginning with the Bible, telling those who venture to know, there is more here than meets the eye; found in Medieval literature, the work of Edgar Allan Poe, Lewis Carroll, if you did not know, tells us Alice’s real name at the end in this way, if you can find your way Through the Looking-Glass. Within these pages, “A Small Gift” telling of love, up and down the page. “A Big Pioneer” hinting with “Train colored blue made you a new sensation”—it’s all there—for us to find.

~ Howard Richard Debs, finalist and recipient of the 28th annual 2015 Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Awards, and author of Gallery: A Collection of Pictures and Words, a 2017 Best Book Awards and 2018 Book Excellence Awards recipient.

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