a taste of ‘The Book of Acrostics’

from the collection The Book of Acrostics by John Lambremont, Sr., published October 2018

ISBN (paperback) 978-1-925536-52-2

ISBN (eBook) 978-1-925536-53-9

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And while you died a well-chaperoned death, / Yours was the voice we heard above the rest. from A Big Lady

Ladies and gents from all over the world / Undulate weight in their Mardi Gras pearls; from A Big Prelude

Rings on four fingers that reach for the clapper, / Everyman’s stylistic natural disaster, from A Big Superego

Mirthful aside over her shoulder: / “Everyone’s going to die but me!” from Little Evie

Rising high above the rest is nothing new to you, / Or you might delight us with a brand-new dig or two; from To Our Young Graduate

Although my subject was a Luna moth; the / Editor that rejected me must know entomology. from A Big Tiger

Sometimes, contenders find a wet disaster; / Time was, we cared more for a different scene; from A Big Sunday

Can’t make a horse drink when it’s led to water; / Isn’t so hard just to lead lambs to slaughter; from A Big Disappointment

Heaven and hell, they did both pass you by; / Ever you pondered and still wondered why; from A Big Red X

Far away from me is where you’ll go; / Last look back for me to behold; from Ephemeron

Reverend of Riff Raff and the King of Keys Perdido, / Ko-Ko still awaits you on the stage at gone Bloomdido; from A Big Lark

I spy his red cloak, his nose pointed; / Now his black eye turns to me, from Red on Green

Never forget what they have done for you; / Service to all of the red, white, and blue. from A Big Veterans’ Day

Tell me I’m now past my time; / Empty gas tank comes to mind. from A Big Hurry

Asians call their mothers “ma,” / To French kids, it’s their “mere.” from A Big Sac-au-Lait

Here Comes the Sun, so I Want to Tell You, / Along Blue Jay Way, Piggies cannot fly through; from A Big Significant Other

Open-air stages, immense canvas tents; / Roots, rock, and heritage, time so well spent; from A Big Fiesta

Houston awaits me, and I contemplate: / Early tomorrow my next date with fate; from A Big Pickle

Now the veins are exposed; / Early dismissal from a life so hard; from Of Corpse

Let me list for you my qualifications; / Ever will I take the worst degradations. from Quality People Wanted

Longing overcomes the excited suitor, his / Lingering kiss met with an airy appraisal; from A Big Dalliance

Really, I resemble you much more than all the rest; / Sorry now for all the times I put you to the test. from To Dad

Gorge yourself like a mad bull in full rage; / Lessen your chances of reaching old age; from A Big Appetite

Laughter still audible in the kitchen, and / Only I stand in the heat, alone, his family flown years / Now. from Football Hero 1967

Now I lift my glass to him, and hope I’ve made him proud, / Even though there are times when he says I am too loud; from Our Father

Never let believers down despite some desperate days; / Ever-faithful to your Jah whom you gave thanks and praise; from A Big Messenger

Reap the teeming celluloid mass, / Envelope the remains, and repeat. from A Far Cry

Everyone enjoys fine fare, / Waits for fireworks to flare. from A Big Old New Year

Clean bill of health you just got for yourself, / And now you’re worried for somebody else; from A Big Concern

Able to volley your teasing insults; / Love them forever, whatever results. from A Big Extraction


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