The Tiger Who Jumped Over the Moon

by  Darryl Price

a poetry collection, published September 2021

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ISBN (paperback)  978-1-922427-46-5

ISBN (ePub)  978-1-922427-75-5

ISBN (Kindle)  978-1-922427-90-8

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What people are saying about The Tiger Who Jumped Over the Moon

Poetry, if it is about anything at all, is about voice. Foremost, it’s the voice that makes all the difference between good poetry and great poetry. Darryl Price is a great poet. He is a poet of voice. Even more than that — he is the poet of direct address. His poems leap off the page and embrace you. To be in his company is to be in the best company you can imagine.

You want to know joy? Read Darryl Price. He is consistently inventive, consistently engaging, and consistently surprising. What’s his message? What’s his advice? “Be brave and kind and curious.” Exactly!

And what more, really, needs to be said? Add The Tiger Who Jumped Over the Moon to your list of really great books of poems.

~ Bill Yarrow, author of Blasphemer and The Vig of Love


Darryl’s poetry is an intimate conversation with the reader, where everyday wonders — a folded map, a trunk full of old paintings, psychedelic owls — popu-late a world at once luminous and heartbreaking.

~ Marcelle Heath, author of Is That All There Is?


The poetry of Darryl Price is a blessing. His lines are both soothing and stimulating. Darryl is a rare bard, a ‘fili’, a poet who looks deeply into things and sees for all of us. I enjoy reading his poems aloud: and yet, his work is not dominated by words but by … lines that connect. Darryl Price uses language to help people connect — to his vision, to themselves, to each other. This is one poet without whom my world at least would be noticeably poorer.

~ Marcus Speh, author of Thank You for Your Sperm and Gisela


At times whimsical, at times serious, always dynamic, Darryl Price’s poetry demands attention in the most positive sense. In these pages, a rhythmic plea takes shape and moves us forward. Price makes a heartfelt pact with his reader: We’ll meet somewhere in the bookstore of the / one mind and heart. He is at once urgent and grateful — for words, and for the earth we share. A wonderful collection for our times.

~ Michelle Elvy, editor, author of the everrumble


I am a fan of Darryl Price, a rare poet whose work feels very much in the now. His body of work is consistently exciting and dynamic.

~ Bob Eckstein, New Yorker


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