a taste of ‘The Tiger Who Jumped Over the Moon’

from the poetry collection The Tiger Who Jumped Over the Moon  by  Darryl Price, published September 2021


ISBN (paperback)  978-1-922427-46-5

ISBN (ePub)  978-1-922427-75-5

ISBN (Kindle)  978-1-922427-90-8

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Only / love adds the right amount/of everything to / everything else. from (People Walk By) Spewing the Seeds of Love

I will return to the / sea, my pockets full of the / heavy stones you piled there with / indifference. from I Will Return to the Sea

I / do not want to live in a museum of / my life. I just want to live. from The Empty Side, Same Here, Same Here

Look / this poem’s just a song / I wrote with your moon. from Treatise on Some Blue Skies

Ever notice how old people walk around like they are / wearing space suits? from If I Told You

You have had some truly awful shit / pumped into your brains for years / at a time now. from Accepting New Patients

Gray angels / slapping each other on their feathery / backs and grabbing their honey knees in fits / of holy laughter. from Crossed Fingers

Save the sailing boats and floating planes / of melting romance. from How to Remember Important Things

Everybody is trying to just not get killed. from Counting the stars

The world is / beautiful, if you are. from Wake

The / new flowers are all showing / their arms and legs off. from Even If I Was a Fool

I / just want the love we all want. from Washer and Dryer

Alice smiling but showing no / teeth from Bat Cave Gift Shop Decal

A / blind eye is an empty promise. from Your Street Too

We held hands once and it seemed like the / only safe thing that made any real sense / to me in the world. from Mirrors

We have met / our own deaths forever. from Love Letter from the Last Elephant

I find it hard / to live, not touch the small of your back. from It is All in Your Head

Fun I wanted to have eluded / me like an otter. from Music and Books

I do not want to think about / any of that sweet stuff now. from Stupid Moon

Nothing says we are all doomed like another cold beer. from Watching the End of the World

Love goes through you / eventually without goodbyes / because it cannot stand being still. from A Journey on Foot

The mad world being a / funny place and all. from True Stories About False Dancers

I met a girl with / a typewriter mouth today. from Girl with a Typewriter Mouth

I do not mind dancing if the / song is you. from Fishing for Loaves

Little did we know / that love attracts a lot of bugs. from Clouds and Everything and Mountains

…she showed her neck to me in a /  passionate moment of silence. from Kite Flying

We went east because / it seemed right and less sad. from East

some /  are fatter than the stars. from Red Meat

It was not so much that I / felt safe with that tiger but I preferred /  his growl to almost any other sound. from The Tiger Who Jumped Over the Moon

Sometimes this / leads to brooms dancing by / themselves, but does not mean / they mean you harm. from Toothpaste and Dog Food

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