For this project, we are seeking poetry only (so not stories or essays).

Poems must be 70 word minimum, 500 word maximum (not including title).

All poems must somehow encompass / include / mention blueor its variants.


SUBMISSION DATES  |  1st October 2019 to 30th November 2019


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The term “indigomania” was coined for the Impressionists’ “unhealthy” passion for blues.

from The essence of blue by Belinda Recio and Catherine Kouts   ISBN 9780879057374


The term indigomania, for example, which critics used to describe Impressionists’ seemingly irrational passion for blues and violets, not only carried with it certain psychological and medical implications – Huysmans originally described Impressionists’ indigomania as a bizarre form of color blindness brought on by mental illness – but also referenced the culture of intense, short-lived fads … Indigomania was not so much a physiological phenomenon as a social and economic one born of modern consumer culture.

… “One year one paints violet and people scream, and the following year every one paints a great deal of violet,” Manet remarked on a different occasion.

from Color in the Age of Impressionism: Commerce, Technology, and Art by Laura Anne Kalba   ISBN 9780271077000