Nod Ghosh talks poetic narrative and ‘Filthy Sucre’ for NZ National Flash Fiction Day

Are you interested in poetic narrative and story?

NZ National Flash Fiction Day is organising various online events.

This Sunday, June 14 / Saturday, June 13 — please join us for this discussion with five writers from Aotearoa New Zealand, livestreamed at the Flash Frontier YouTube channel ( Sunday in NZ / Saturday in other parts of the world — check your time zone and don’t miss it!

Imagination Unbound: Five Women on the Poetic Narrative Form (Sunday, June 14, 4pm NZ time – GMT +12) – including:

  • Nod Ghosh, author of ‘Filthy Sucre‘ (Truth Serum Press 2020)
  • Diane Brown, author of ‘Every now and then I have another child’ (OUP 2020)
  • Helen Rickerby, author of ‘How to live’ (AUP 2019)
  • Anne Kennedy, author of ‘Moth Hour’ (AUP 2019)
  • Gail Ingram, author of ‘Contents Under Pressure’ (Pukeko Publishing 2019)

Moderator: Michelle Elvy (Aotearoa New Zealand)


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