The Tiger Who Jumped Over the Moon now in ePub and Kindle eBooks

The Tiger Who Jumped Over the Moon, the poetry collection by Darryl Price, has now been released in ePub and Kindle.

For ePub, click here.

For Kindle, click here.

To also purchase in paperback, click here.

Darryl writes, “These poems are meant to change the world through beauty, truth and fun, but may only light for a moment, like a firefly. Still, I wouldn’t write them if I didn’t mean them. The real magic happens between us, between the words being written and the words being read. Then we have a real chance for growth: communication beyond time and distance, circumstance, or concrete ordinary, passing days that move us along with our lives anyway. The poems are a way for us to see each other and if we see each other, we’ll know we are not alone.”

For a taste of The Tiger Who Jumped Over the Moon, click here.

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